Home News 2023: Altering The Results Will Lead to Bloodshed, Iyere Warns INEC

2023: Altering The Results Will Lead to Bloodshed, Iyere Warns INEC

Altering The Results Will Lead to Bloodshed, Iyere Warns INEC


Foremost humanitarian activist and Convener of the Civil Society Committee For Anti-Fraud Election Security (CISCAES), Comrade Iyere has issued a serious warning to Mahmood Yakubu and other INEC officials to desist from any attempts aimed at altering or compromising the results of the presidential poll held yesterday, Saturday 25th February, 2023. He affirmed that such an insensitive conspiracy will doubtless engender an unprecedented national youth protest whose consequences will be largely catastrophic. He warned Mahmood Yakubu to be careful because of the ongoing youth democratic revolution which indeed has made Nigeria more politically delicate than it was in 2019.

Comrade Iyere declared that millions of Nigerians youths were dissatisfied and are already angry with INEC’s inability to conduct a smooth and hitch-free 2023 presidential election, bringing about mass disenfranchisement. Hence, any attempts to further provoke the already angry youths will lead to series of violent post-election protests. He warned Mahmood Yakubu and desperate political cabals not to toy with the sensibility of the millions of angry youths, whose hope for a better future is hanging on the outcome of the election. He said Nigerian youths will do everything lawful and unlawful to resist any attempts by INEC to rig the election. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed”, Iyere cautioned.

^What is Mahmood Yakubu up to? Perhaps he still thinks 2019 is the same as 2023. Hope he has not forgotten that the #EndSARS Protest happened not too long ago. Nigerian youths are still very angry and that anger was what led to the ongoing democratic revolution. These youths have alternatively decided to use their ballots as tools for the elimination of bad governance. Hence, they turned out in their large numbers to vote and elect a credible president trusted to be able to create the new Nigeria they desired for themselves. But many of them were unable to cast their votes due to the late arrival of INEC officials and the poor performance of the BVAS technology, an ugly development, which was widely perceived, as an intentional act by INEC to rig the election. As if that was not enough damage, even the results of those who were able to cast their votes, were not transmitted or uploaded as required. Right now, the angry youths are of the views that there is a sinister plan to tamper with the true results, if INEC dares to make such a fraudulent move, these youths will not hesitate to translate their democratic revolution into a social revolution, this will be too bad for the country”, said Comrade Iyere

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Iyere has appealed to President Buhari not to allow Nigeria witness a second phase of the #EndSARS Protest because it will drag the country to a point of no return. He said the only way to avoid such a youth-led anti-government revolution is not to attempt to manipulate or rig the actual results of the Saturday 25th February 2023 presidential election. He advised President Buhari to imitate former President Goodluck Jonathan who voluntarily conceded defeat in 2015 just to prevent unwanted bloodshed and Nigeria’s predicted split-up. He also appealed to the International Community, especially the governments of the United States, UK, EU Countries, Canada and Australia, to keep their eyes on INEC and ensure to lend their “voices” against vote-rigging of any form.

“Voters already have the results of their Polling Units and those results have been widely published on several online portals. So, if those results are altered, the electorates themselves will know and that will throw the country into chaos as millions of angry youths will take to the streets in violent post-election protests. Mahmood Yakubu, INEC officials and Desperate Political Gladiators should at this point realize that Nigeria is already pushed to the edge”, said Comrade Iyere

Iyere also appealed to Thambo Mbeki and members of the Commonwealth Observation Team, not to be insensitive to the fact that Nigeria is presently more prone to youth explosion than any other time in the country’s history, hence the reason the 2023 presidential election should be credible.

“President Buhari should not associate himself with the ongoing plan by Mahmood Yakubu and corrupt INEC Officials to rig the 2023 presidential election, rather he should take some proactive steps to abort the sinister plot. It is the only way to avert a looming bloodbath, Nigerian youths should not be pushed to that point”, Iyere warned

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