Abductors Of Zamfara College Students In New Video Threaten To Kill Victims If ransom Is Not Paid In The Next 24 Hours


The abductors of fifteen students and staff members at Zamfara’s College of Agriculture and Animal Science have published a video in which they threatened to kill the victims in the next twenty hours if ransom is not paid.

In a short video circulating on social media, the victims claim that the robbers have vowed to murder them because they have been in pain since they were kidnapped on Monday morning.

One of the hostages, speaking in Hausa, begged the government and their parents to save them because of what they were going through.

“They vow they will kill all of us if our parents or government failed to meet their demands”

“They even showed us the corpses of the people they killed when they abducted them from their community Yar kofoji in same Bakura local government area” the victims said

The bandits have demanded N350 million in ransom from the government or their parents before the pupils will be released.

Police authorities have denied knowledge of the video in circulation.



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