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Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration set Nigeria on fire. Can we quench it? — Ndidi Uwechue



Ahmadu Bello’s hatred for Nigerians is what led him to make his infamous Declaration as reported in the
Parrot newspaper on 12 th October 1960. With the undeserved powers handed to him by the departing
British, as Premier of the Northern Region Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration was able to set the “new Nation
called Nigeria” on fire. A fire that today is consuming Nigerians through genocidal violence by armed
Fulani for land grabbing; the use of the illegitimate 1999 Constitution through which the resources and
lands of indigenous peoples are seized by an illicit government that is Fulani-dominated; plus, progress
and modernity are deliberately denied Nigerians.
The fire lit upon Nigerians and their lands by Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration has five components which the
Fulani, would action:
1. Making Nigeria an “Estate of our great grandfather Uthman Dan Fodio”;
2. “We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power”;
3. “Use the minorities in the North as willing tools”;
4. “The South as a conquered territory”
5. “Never allow them to have control over their future”.
This Fulani-supremacist Declaration, means cruelty, loss of liberty, destruction and death for Nigerians
as the immigrant settler Fulani take over their lands, and control their destinies. Some truths about
Nigeria’s turbulent history have come out. We learn that it was knowledge about Ahmadu Bello’s anti-
Nigerian people’s agenda that was the reason for the first military coup of January 1966, to make
Awolowo the rightful Prime Minister. Since it did not succeed a false narrative was spread to call it an
“Igbo coup”, then the Arewa coup later that year, in July, is how with the help of willing tools from the
Middle Belt, the Fulani Caliphate was able to seize power over Nigerians and take control of Nigeria, but
fronted by the various willing tool unlawful military heads nicknamed the “class of ‘66”. The reward for
being a willing tool is of course money, and the class of 66 were very handsomely rewarded with
extensive lands given to them for farms, plus they were given oil and gas-rich lands of indigenous
peoples as “oil blocs”, etc. Thereby showing Nigerians that their land is “conquered territory” to be
parceled out to others.

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Some observers say that the visible power of the Fulani is the tripod of: 1) control of the Armed Forces
(especially the Military), 2) control of the oil and gas of the South, and 3) monopoly over beef. However,
the actual instrument used to bring on Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration is the illegitimate 1999 Constitution
foisted upon Nigerians. That fraudulent Document (a forgery) is the continual source of fires against
Nigerians. It renders Nigerians defenceless against armed Fulani invaders and their Islamic terrorist co-
killers. It gives the Fulani the courage to take over other people’s lands under the guise of “cattle grazing
routes” and RUGA, ie Fulani colonies. It is why although Nigerians have said a strong: “No!”, Fulani in the
national assembly and in government keep on bringing up a National Water Resources Bill whereby all

surface and ground waters plus some 3 Km of lands on their banks would come under government

Essentially, the fire lit by Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration continues to destroy Nigerians: their natural
resources, their peace, their hopes, their future, and also their very lives.

Nigerians can, and must quench this fire set upon them by the Fulani. Their situation is somewhat like
that of a homeowner whose house has been broken into and occupied by squatters. It is the
homeowner’s natural and legal right to enjoy his house in peace, so he must eject the squatters. In
Nigeria’s case, the illegitimate 1999 Constitution being the source of the fire, must be Decommissioned
so that the fire is completely quenched. Before Decommissioning it, the 1999 Constitution is first
Delegitimized. That has been achieved – Nigerians now know that the 1999 Constitution is a lie, and that
something must be done about it. It took some 22 years, here is how:

Soon after the 1999 Constitution was imposed what was to become the NINAS Movement set to work.
They identified that it was that fraudulent Constitution that was empowering Fulani to realise Ahmadu
Bello’s Declaration by overriding the Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations, and hijacking their Self-
Determination. Lower Niger Congress (LNC) was the originator of the Strategy to Decommission the
1999 Constitution.

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Alliances were needed. LNC set about building alliances within the Lower Niger Bloc ie South-South and
South-East, doing the same in the other two Blocs of Middle Belt and Yoruba; plus an alliance between
the three Blocs, ie the NINAS Territory.

There was PRONACO also called “Aburi 2” between 2005 and 2006 that produced a Draft Peoples’
Constitution 2006 which had the potential of restoring Nigeria to its Federal foundations. However,
since this would put out the fire set up by Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration, this Draft Constitution was
ignored by the willing tool government.

Then, the conveners of PRONACO, as the Movement for New Nigeria, MNN, in May 2007, instituted a
lawsuit challenging the legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution and sought an Order of Court for terminating
its operation via an 18-month Transitioning Arrangement. However, since this would put out the fire set
up by Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration, this court case was ignored by the willing tool courts and

Although the Fulani Caliphate and their willing tools in authority continued to use their power to
maintain the fraudulent 1999 Constitution in operation, MNN continued its work of Delegitimizing that

Document in preparation for its Decommissioning. Thus, on 30 June 2011 the MNN Lagos Declaration
jointly Repudiated the 1999 Constitution as the basis of the Nigerian Federation and mandated the
Alliance Blocs to prepare their various Regional Charters and Constitutional Drafts in readiness for the
inevitable fundamental reconfiguration of Nigeria.

There then followed Solemn Assemblies by each of the three Blocs in the Alliance between 2015 – 2018
where the 1999 Constitution continued to be Delegitimized and Repudiated, with firm resolutions that
the 1999 Forgery would not be tolerated for much longer.

Meanwhile, in all these years, the Fulani Caliphate continued increasing the fire set off by Ahmadu
Bello’s Declaration and armed Fulani were now killing Nigerians and grabbing their lands under the lie of
“farmer-Fulani herdsman clashes”.

On 11 December 2018 MNN mobilized the peoples of the Alliance Territory as NINAS for the joint multi-
regional Freedom Park Proclamation where further National Elections under the Repudiated 1999
Constitution were rejected, and NINAS demanded a Transitioning instead of the 2019 elections, as a way
of putting a time-frame to ending the operation of the 1999 Constitution, and making new
constitutional protocols.

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However, the willing tool government and political parties carried on ignoring the truth that the 1999
Constitution is a forgery and illegitimate, so continued helping the Fulani in their conquest agenda by
dragging Nigerians to 2019 Elections instead of Transitioning. “Insecurity” was engulfing the Middle Belt
of the NINAS Territory because armed Fulani plus Islamic terrorists brought in to help them with the fire
set off by Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration, were carrying out ethnic cleansing to forcefully take over Nigeria
as their “estate”. It was therefore on 16 December 2020 that the indigenous peoples as NINAS declared
an official Constitutional Force Majeure.

In the two years since the Constitutional Force Majeure, the willing tools plus the Fulani-dominated
government have continued using guile (eg the invalid and deceitful “constitutional amendments” of a
Forgery) and state power to keep the fraudulent 1999 Constitution in operation, and to silence NINAS by
disregarding NINAS, thus hoping NINAS would fade away. Nevertheless, NINAS has carried on quenching
the fire set off by Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration by exposing the Fulani Caliphate and their willing tools in
regular video broadcasts and Notices. Thus, now the 1999 Constitution has been successfully
Delegitimized countrywide, it has been Repudiated, and NINAS is carrying on with Decommissioning the
fraud of 1999 through which the Fulani conquest agenda is being realised.

The truth is this: the indigenous Ethnic Nations have Sovereignty in their ancestral lands, so they can and
must use their inalienable right of Self-Determination to quench the fire of conquest set off by Ahmadu

Bello’s evil Declaration. NINAS has therefore said that in an ORDERLY WAY, Ethnic Nations will now take
responsibility for their future and take charge of their space. By interrogating it, we can see that the
past, and ongoing work of NINAS is how to quench that fire.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired
Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure,
and she writes from Abuja.

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