Chaplaincy Urges Revisit Of National Confab Report

Chaplaincy Urges Revisit Of National Confab Report

The United Nigeria Chaplaincy (UNC) Peace Corps has urged the Nigerian government to revisit some of the decisions made at the National Confab during the past administration, as they would find in it solutions to the current insecurity, Njenje Media News reports.

The commandant general of the corps, Prof Jidejisos Josiah Ejie, who made the call during a peace summit organised by the chaplaincy in Abuja yesterday, said peace is possible in Nigeria if the government takes the right decisions.

Ejie, said the present administration needs to rejig its cabinet so as to accommodate every part of the country and avoid complaints of marginalisation by interest groups. He said the current administration should dissolve the present arrangement and constitute a cabinet where all parts and regions of the country are represented and carried along in the system.

“Mr President, the masses are crying that your current cabinet is centred on one side of the country. We are therefore asking the administration to restructure the cabinet, because there is marginalisation in the present arrangement,” he insisted



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