Comments On Pastor Paul Enenche’s Video Clip On The Lopsidedness Of Nigeria And Danger Of Nigeria’s Collapse

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NINAS Secretariat

16 August 2022

Link to the video clip discussed in these comments:

Having been fully informed, Pastor Paul Enenche knows theTruth about how the Caliphate-imposed Unitary Constitution of Nigeria is responsible for all the woes of Nigeria and the miseries of Nigerians, leading rapidly to State Failure and the numerous anomalies he reeled out in his broadcast.

He knows that the problem confronting Nigeria and Nigerians is the iniquitous Nigerian SYSTEM that produces the atrocious lopsidedness and gross ineptitude of the PERSONNEL manning the Nigeria Ship of State.

He also knows that the remedy to the situation lies in the immediate wholesale Decommissioning of the 1999 Constitution via a TRANSITIONING, and NOT in further National Electionsthat will only reinforce the life that Constitution.

He knows that there is a FULANI Agenda which is massively enabled by the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria imposed on the rest of Nigeria by the same Caliphate that is now orchestrating a murderous Conquest Invasion and Ethnic Cleansing Campaign against the indigenous peoples of Nigeria, aimed at taking over the entirety of the lands and waters of Nigeria in a manner that turns Nigeria to a Fulani Country that will also be the hub of a Caliphate spanning the Sahel Region.

Pastor Enenche knows that what we are dealing with is an Ethnic Agenda wearing the garment of a Religious Agenda for disguise.

As was done with several other Church leaders around the country, a NINAS Team sat down at length with Paul Enenchein his Abuja Church, to present the NINAS Comprehensive Propositions (Constitutional Force Majeure) on HOW to arrest the fast deteriorating Nigerian situation and halt the human carnage that accompany the Fulani Conquest Agenda.

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As the medical doctor he is, Pastor Paul Enenche certainly knows that focusing on the SYMPTOMS of an ailment and leaving the underlying DISEASE cannot be the cure to that ailment.

It is therefore shocking that Pastor Enenche is focusing on the Symptoms of the failing Nigerian State rather than that System producing that Failure.


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