DSS And Army Attack IPOB Members In Emene, Enugu State

Innocent Igbo Youths Killed By DSS In Emene, Enugu

Written by Charles Ogbu

While we may not have the power to resurrect those Igbo youths felled on Sunday the 23rd of August in Enugu by the murderous gang masquerading as Nigerian security agencies, we can at least not insult their memory by joining in peddling the iniquitous narrative that those unarmed youths were “KILLED IN A CLASH” with the security agents.

When well-armed security operatives drawn from the Police, the army, the Airforce and the DSS invade a sleepy village and start shooting live bullets at unarmed youths gathered for a meeting, you can’t call it a clash. Who is clashing with who? How can it be termed “clash” when only one side is armed and it is that armed party that went to the venue of the unarmed party to murder them? Describing it as “CLASH” is as atrocious as describing the systematic genocide being visited on helpless Nigerians by the killer herdsmen as “Farmers-Herders clashes”.

The action of the Nigerian security agencies in Emene, Enugu today has a name. It is called state terrorism on defenceless citizens.

And I think the Enugu state Police Commissioner needs to shut up and stop talking nonsense. His statement on the murder of those youths is beyond puerile. According to him, the DSS went to Emene for covert operation and they were abducted by IPOB members forcing the DSS to call the Police, Army and Airforce for help.

Stupid story!

In a country where hardened Boko Haram terrorists and killer herdsmen are being pampered and rewarded by the govt even when their victims yet languish in different IDP camps?

How many covert operation has the DSS done to stop herdsmen attack??

And those of you who are seeing this as IPOB thing are gravely mistaken. This is an unwarranted lethal attack on Igbo youths. I tried visiting the scene of the attack yesterday and the number of Soldiers, Police and DSS searching every vehicle going through that Emene road was something else. I doubt if the Boko Haram ravaged Northeast has that number of security.


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