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Free Nigeria Movement Vows Not To Be Silenced, After 22 Days Of Protest

Free Nigeria Movement
Free Nigeria Movement

The Free Nigeria Movement has warned those it described as mischief makers to look elsewhere as their assault on the group is futile. It gave the warning at a strategic meeting in Abuja where it said that certain elements are bent on tainting the perfect image of the group. It said the use of blackmail and distortion of the group’s message, its intent and desperate attempts to heat up the polity, is disgraceful and undeserving of Nigeria, Njenje Media News reports.

The convener of the group, Dr Moses Paul, said the group remains focused on its pro – Nigeria stance and that its path will never be polluted by the “dungs of political debauchery”.

Dr Mo  According to him, “We have been out here for the past twenty-two days and our message has been consistent. Our stand is with Nigeria and its people and for the protection and growth of its democracy.

But, persons whose only motivation for politics and civic engagement is greed and corruption have been trying to poison our message. We want to let them know that however highly placed or lowly crouched their reach in the politics of deprivation and pollution of national ethos and ideology is, they can never prevail.

For one, our motivations are pure and true. Again, our motivation is selfless and progressive. And because evil can never overcome good, their plans are dead.”

He called on Nigerians to support the group by coming out en masse to demand the cancellation of the presidential poll on February 25, 2023.

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Dr Paul alleged that several attempts have been made on his life and other group leaders since the protest began in Abuja. He however added, “What we do is dangerous to some which are why they cannot and are not coming out. The evil old political order has intimidated Nigerians to the point of fear and has had a free day taking possession of the country. But they are minions in the face of our superior ideology of Nigerianness. A New Nigeria is possible.

But it will remain an illusion if we fail to stand up. For us, it is Nigeria or nothing.”The group continues its protest tomorrow 12th April 2023.

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