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Julian Assange is the Horatius in the world of Journalism – Edumare – Korede



Horatius Cocles was a Roman warrior who fought with strength and might to defend Rome from the Etruscans led by Lars Posena of Clusium in 6th B.C. He sought to avenge the deposition of the unpopular Roman leader, King Tarquin the proud.

Horatius gained fame during the war, not for his fighting prowess, but for his uncommon bravery. He severed the Pons Sublicius bridge, connecting Roman soldiers with the enemy, and waded through the enemy to protect his beloved Roman republic. His bravery was immortalized, and poems were dedicated to symbolizing his valor.

Similarly, Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks progenitor, has shown immense courage in exposing America’s atrocities worldwide. In a world where fear and timidity dictate journalistic actions, Assange stood tall, revealing evil perpetrated by America in other countries. His exposés include:

– Iraq War Logs (2010): revealing 66,000 deaths, rape, abuse, and war crimes committed by America
– Afghan War Diary (2010): exposing 91,000 reports of U.S. contract soldiers using child prostitutes in Afghanistan and unreported civilian casualties
– Syria Files (2012): releasing over 2 million emails from Syrian political figures, exposing the inner workings of the Syrian government with American help and radical uprising

This evidence placed him on America’s wanted list. Assange knew his actions would have consequences, but he remained unperturbed, committed to doing journalism the way it ought to be done. He was arrested and spent five years in incarceration as a prisoner of conscience.

Assange’s courage in an era of timidity is commendable. The fascist American government couldn’t prove him guilty of all allegations. He accepted a plea deal to free himself, showing humility doesn’t debase personality. His freedom was celebrated globally, symbolizing his heroic act. Assange’s valor in journalism will inspire journalists to speak truth to power, upholding the principles of the Fourth Estate. He will be remembered alongside Horatius as a champion of freedom and courage.

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Edumare – Korede, a public affairs commentator, writes from Abuja.


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