Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement (Ndsdm) Reacts To Southern Nigeria And Northern Governors Meeting With The Emirs

Annkio Briggs
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It is unbelievable that the Leaders of Southern Nigeria always react after the North has taken their collective agreed position unanimously in their interest to put across their narrative on National issues and run with it, leaving our leaders to run after them shouting (we no go gree)

The Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement (NDSDM)  is embarrassed that the #EndSARs Protest was on for weeks, and Southern leaders, traditional rulers, religious leaders, and academics watched and never took the responsibility to strongly support the youths and condemn the violence introduced into the protest by all obvious accounts from political power mongers interests.

The voices of the South was not strong and loud when different voices rose from the North threatening war, calling it a plan to remove Buhari from government, threatening Southerners to stop using the capital of Nigeria developed with our resources, their voices were not supporting enough when the protesters were attacked by hired thugs bearing deadly weapons.

They watched when Southern youths were told it does not matter if SARS is killing you in the South, SARS is not killing them in the North.

What were their reactions when the youths were shot at Lekki toll gate.?

The Northern Governors, Emirs, and traditional rulers met, changed the narrative, and stated their terms of forcing the unity of Nigeria, at this point the South and the Middle Belt come out crying


(The North is rolling on the floor laughing.) Why.? Because the North has always dictated and will continue to dictate their terms for the South to be in Nigeria as the South has never had any say in the building of Nigeria, this is because the South continues to demonstrate that the so-called unity of Nigeria is the responsibility of the South.
The South willingly demonstrate from their singular zones or collective zones that they are willing to be Nigerians ‘under any circumstances’. The same impression was voiced and demonstrated at the 2014 National Conference.
Southern Nigeria is begging to be Nigerians, yet the North does not see or accept the South as Equal Nigerians.

From the beginning of the #EndSARs protest the North decided on the Northern narrative of the protest of the young and bright of today and tomorrow by demonstrating their capacity of intellect and element of surprise that the North translates to subversion, it was referred to as a plan to overthrow the Present, to take power from the North. 

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Some of the leaders, Governors, and traditional rulers of the South just watched in near silence. There was a traditional ruler from the South West on the 4th of November 2020 on Television explaining how he used kpo kpo garri, killing a cow or two, and music to stop the youths in his domain from protesting or destroying properties. The engagement was intellectual it was rather a food.
What else do our people young or old negotiate away because they are poor, unemployed, and hungry. No, the youths should stop taking fish they should rather go fishing.

The Southern groups expressed disappointment that the North did not invite them to put heads together nationally and seek solutions to their problems.  The Southern and Middle Belt position is disappointing, and this is why., that the action of the North “most distractive, divisive and made Nigeria widely scattered as against the ‘indivisibility’ and other non-sequiturs that were regurgitated at the end of it. (Quote)
(this is weak and not the position of the  South.)

NDSDM a Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement demands that the leaders of the South listen to what the people are saying and begin to call for a referendum to be conducted, each Indigenous Ethnic Nationality within each of the 17 states of the 3 political zone, the referendum is to ask the peoples of the South 

 “Should We Continue to Stay on In Nigeria or Leave Nigeria”
 the answer will take us to the next discussion of HOW do we stay together or WHEN do we leave.

The leaders of the South reiterating their call for restructuring Nigeria before 2023 general elections should be overtaken by the call for ‘Indigenous Ethnic Nationalities’ call for a Referendum. NDSDM agrees with the stand that Nigeria should be restructured before the 2023 General Elections, the people of the Niger Delta Region are not unaware that the North in power does not believe in the call to restructure the systems and policies of the government, which should lead to a new constitution that will and should be written by “We The People”, this is the only position we believe to be in our best interest in the Nigeria of 106 years old.

We demand that elders, Governors entrepreneurs in all areas of business and development, traditional Rulers, academia, women, youths, spiritual leaders, for the first time take a stand in favor of our today, our grand children’s tomorrow and call for the first of meetings before Christmas 2020 with our peoples, Youths and Women to take positions in our interest just as the North always does in their interest.
It is not insensitive or subversive to meet and make the best decisions in our best interest it is our responsibility to ourselves and our children.

In our observations, the communique of the Southern Leaders is weak on the true realities of the long-term disregard so far endured by the South.
NDSDM wish to remind our elders, Governors, politicians, entrepreneurs in all areas of business and development, traditional rulers, academia, women, youths, and our spiritual leaders that the Niger Delta Indigenous Ethnic Nationalities are not a conquered people or territories either during the invasion of colonizers or after colonization.

Nigeria is not only multi-ethnic Nigeria is circular yet Christians remain disregarded and their rights as Christians oppressed, as killings and displacement from their Ethnic Ancestral Homelands go on, as all sorts of negative bills are been sneaked into the National Assembly as our so-called politicians look on as helpless representatives.

We acknowledge the very valid points contained in the Statement of the Southern and Middle Belt organizations about the lob sided and unjust political appointments, the injustice of revenue sharing, the imbalance of the states and LGAs, we expect the organizations to demand a change now if they are speaking on our behalf.

What the Southern leaders and politicians should be saying is what the NDSDM has been saying, If Nigeria is to stay united it will not be forced on the South by the North.

The leaders of the South should stop speaking to the North and the Federal Government with water in their mouth, The NDSDM demand that we must say to the North and the Federal Government “If We  Can’t Live Together As Equals partners of the Lugard contraption, making the best decisions for our people, region, security, environment, development, and our political rights then we must discuss our disengagement from the North that is determined to continue to impoverish us and our great-grandchildren, by taking everything from us.

All classes of the people and Governors of the South must stop believing there is a true 2023 elections planned, 2023 is a mirage.
The political plan for 2023 does not include the South of Nigeria as free and equal partners of Project Nigeria.

Finally, the Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement (NDSDM) continues to support and encourage our children, grandchildren, and youths to keep the protest project #EndSARS alive. We see their protest as a metaphor for everything Nigerians in North and South have agitated for, Injustices and the lopsided structures, policies, and the anti-South 1999 Constitution.

#EndSARs protest is not subversive, diversionary, or anti-government, it is rather a call to rework everything wrong in Nigeria.

The witch-hunting of the youths and supporters of the #EndSARs movement by freezing bank accounts and placing a travel ban on them, and threatening patriotic Nigerians is inhumane and against their human rights.

The Unity of Nigeria will be negotiated and must be negotiated. The generations now and into the future must negotiate this one-sided unjust Nigeria where the owners are treated as slaves and unequal.

Annie Briggs
Signed on Behalf of

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