Nigeria: Here’s Why The Presidency Is Wrong

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Nigeria: Here’s Why The Presidency Is Wrong – Government At The Centre Has No National Mandate
Ndidi Uwechue
30 September 2022

On 27th September 2022, basing its statement on: “Government at the centre [has] a national mandate”, the Presidency was reported as having said that no State has been given approval to acquire automatic weapons for their vigilante groups.
This was in response to some State Governors rising to their duty to protect their people from armed Fulani invaders, and their Islamic terrorist co-killers who are responsible for much of the countrywide insecurity, now well-established to be a Fulanization drive of ethnic cleansing/genocide in the hope of bringing about Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration that Nigeria is to be an “estate” of the immigrant settler Fulani.

This article is to explain in simple terms why the Presidency is quite wrong, for, Central Government actually has NO national mandate. Here is the situation. More precisely, the Arewa military coup of July 1966 (the second coup of that year), terminated the agreed Federation of Nigeria and began the process of bringing in a Unitary Structure which was also called by the familiar word “Nigeria” so as to sedate indigenous peoples. This Unitary Structure was maintained by military decrees during the military era, plus frauds during civilian periods ie, the 1979 Constitution, and now, the 1999 Constitution, a well-known forgery. So, today you have the ancestral lands of indigenous Ethnic Nations within the geographic area called “Nigeria” upon which a foreign Unitary Structure was plonked down using deceit and that 1999 Constitution.

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Now, when a federal Union is honestly set up with the consent of its indigenous peoples, their Union Agreement ie Federating Constitution would have been obtained and agreed in a transparent and proper way. In such a case, the Federating Constitution would be a living document. That means, as new knowledge comes, the people who are alive have a right to make changes to their Constitution incorporating that new knowledge. For instance in the United States where the Federating Constitution was made way back in 1788 so today American citizens can make changes to their Union Agreement as the need arises.

However, in Nigeria, delinquency and dysfunction reign and it can only be so because the Fulani Caliphate that managed to seize power via the Arewa coup of 1966 has maintained its dominion because of the imposed ignorance of the masses and the use of intimidation, to subdue the inalienable God-given Sovereignty of indigenous peoples, the Owners of the land. The 1999 Constitution is the instrument (weapon really) used to ensure that the Sovereignty and Self-Determination of indigenous Ethnic Nations are denied, making the peoples unable to control their present and their future; and with that Caliphate’s Unitary Structure sitting on their lands, making their lands a conquered territory. To illustrate the situation clearly, it is like passengers on a plane (or train) that has been hijacked by armed men. Since these criminals have weapons, whatever they say, the hostages must comply with. Can we therefore say that the hijackers have the MANDATE of their hostages? Certainly not. However, that is precisely the situation when the Presidency stated that, “Government at the centre [has] a national mandate”. Central Government is holding the fraud called 1999 Constitution likened to a “weapon”, and using that forgery says that Nigerians (their hostages) have given them a mandate!

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The Presidency makes its untrue claims of having a mandate from the people from the two false statements in the Preamble of the 1999 Constitution, which are,
When and where did the indigenous Ethnic Nations come together to do this:-
• Firmly and solemnly resolve to live as one indivisible and indissoluble unitary Nigeria? (Lie #1)
• Make, and give to themselves the 1999 Constitution? (Lie #2)
These lies in the Preamble prolong the Union Dispute generated by the Arewa coup of 1966. There is a way out from all the lies and deceits of decades. Government can do the needful to create a situation when it would be true that it has the mandate of the people. That is done by Referendums.

Very soon after the fraudulent 1999 Constitution was foisted on Nigerians, what was to become NINAS set to work to Terminate that fraud and to bring about Democracy and Justice. Thus, by the work done by NINAS including the Constitutional Force Majeure declared on 16th December 2020 to Decommission the Repudiated 1999 Constitution, Nigerians have the right and the power under International Law to insist that Elections 2023 be suspended to instead go to Transitioning that will correct the lies, and where there will be Referendums to establish who has any mandate. Just like what South Africa did to Decommission their Apartheid constitutional arrangement that was imposed and never (of course!) had the mandate of the Black people, the Owners of the land.

As for their duty to protect their people from armed invaders, NINAS had already given directions of what to do to State Governors in the NINAS Alliance Territory since March 2021, repeated again in a video broadcast in July 2022, titled, “Activation of Armed Self-Defence: Marching Order to Governors” telling Governors how they can legally acquire arms and ammunition to defend their people against those intent on killing them for land grabbing. A link to this key video broadcast can be found in the NOTES section below.

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The political system created by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution has been discredited, and will continue to be further discredited until it is replaced by Democracy. So, while the Presidency may hope to intimidate and control with false statements that it has a “national mandate”, there are people both inside the country and abroad who have a mandate from their God to work to save lives, and to set the oppressed free.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.

Link to the NINAS video broadcast, “Activation of Armed Self-Defence: Marching Order to Governors”