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NINAS: Killings In Middlebelt, A Continuation Of Southward Ethnic Cleansing In Furtherance Of Fulani Conquest Campaign




In response to Lamentations by a Civil Society Organization at a Press Conference they addressed in Abuja April 13, 2023 regarding the Killings in Benue State and what it presented as a Conspiracy of Silence by the rest of Nigeria, (here is the link to the Press Conference Video Clip https://www.facebook.com/mo.paul.5/videos/262897222757738/ ),


Tony Nnadi on behalf of NINAS wrote as follows:


It is most unfortunate that these killings and dislocations that point obviously to Ethnic Cleansing are continuing on the scale now being witnessed in Benue which is not different from what had happened (and is still happening) in Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Nasarawa and elsewhere.


In commiserating with the victims of this carnage and Brigandage, it is curious that no mention was made of the Fulani Perpetrators of these Genocides and Crimes Against Humanity in the alarm being raised or are we still pretending we are not aware of the Fulani Conquest Agenda behind the Ethnic Cleansing Campaign we see?


There was also no mention of the Disputed Unitary Constitutional Arrangements of Nigeria that forbids the Victims of the Killings, including the State Governments of the Territories under invasion, from owning, keeping, issuing or using Firearms in Defence of themselves and their Properties as they are being attacked invaded, slaughtered and dislocated.


Talking about what other Nigerians are doing or not doing about the situation, I will post a few Broadcasts of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) on the subject here which would be evidence of how much was done by People from outside Benue and the Middle-Belt, to call attention to the Murderous Onslaught of the Fulani Conquest Machinery, headed by the Fulani President of Nigeria who is a known Sympathizer of the Invaders (ie the so-called “Fulani Herdsmen” and its Boko Haram precursor).

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I challenge those who lament the Killings in Benue, Plateau, Southern Kaduna and Nasarawa to THOROUGHLY review these NINAS Broadcasts that relate to the subject and engage the issues outlined which substantially hold the Key to immediate, sustainable Remediation and Redemption.


Across the last few Years, as the NINAS Team crisscrossed the Middle-Belt Territories including Benue, Plateau, Southern Kaduna and elsewhere, alerting the Leaders (including Governors in some cases) and Peoples of the Territories about growing dangers of the Conquest Invasion of the Fulani, masquerading as “Herdsmen”, and offering concrete remediation strategies already being implemented by the Alliance, the Leaders and the endangered Peoples were very busy chasing after Political Parties and Elections, at a time they were being encircled for extermination.


As 2023 Elections drew nearer, the noise of Elections increased exponentially and those who should have been organizing others were totally engrossed with Elections and Campaigns even as the Enemy openly intensified its preparations for attacking.


With the Facilitation of our Brethren in the US, particularly the Steve Enada-led ICON, the NINAS Team escalated the issue of the Ethnoreligious Killings going on in Nigeria to Washington DC and New York resulting in Nigeria being put on the US Special Watchlist for Ethnoreligious Killings in December 2019 and Designated Country of Particular Concern along with Iran and others in March 2020 by the US Department of State, forcing a visible retreat by the Invaders, even if Temporary.


It is a Tragedy of Monumental proportions that the Frontline Targets and Victims of the Fulani Ethnic Cleansing Onslaught chose to play deaf ear to the NINAS Framework aggregating the South and the Middle-Belt, which is the most potent pushback to the Fulani Murderous Aggression.

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The result is the Sweeping Carnage we behold now and yet, those who should be leading the NINAS CFM Union Reconfiguration Template Push-Back to the Fulani Onslaught are busy Leading Protests relating to 2023 Elections Mandated by and Reinforcing of the 1999 Constitution that render them SLAVES in their Homelands with no rights whatsoever including right to Life and Property.


Even now in April of 2023, the most potent remedy to the Killings is still the NINAS Template that Shuts Down the distraction of Elections and who won, AND goes after the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria (1999) which comprehensively empowers the Fulani to do what they are doing in Benue and elsewhere with impunity and without any consequences. Anything outside the IMMEDIATE Wholesale Truncation of that Constitution will only facilitate the Conquest Onslaught of the Fulani currently being levied by way of Ethnic Cleansing.


Here the links to the aforementioned NINAS Broadcasts :


(1) https://youtu.be/nx003Uu1fHA


(2) https://youtu.be/uWpBJYLbqUQ


(3) https://youtu.be/MjB2-5EF4E4


(4) https://youtu.be/liujmPMHJiA


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