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NINAS: Tinubu Stopping Electricity To Niger Republic Is Reckless, Breaks A Treaty!


I am hereby amplifying some disturbing information stated by the NINAS Spokesman during a Town Hall Meeting on 08 August 2023 at Niger Delta NINAS on Clubhouse titled, “Things that will not improve if 1999 Constitution Stands [Pt 2]”

We have seen how Candidate Tinubu has through the botched presidential elections 2023 foisted himself upon Nigerians and also upon Africa, as “President of Nigeria”.
Being the voice of truth, and the voice of reason, and the loud voice of indigenous peoples, NINAS on 12th June this year, declared that at Law, Nigeria had been dragged into the illicit Tinubu Interregnum that commenced from his swearing in rituals on 29th May 2023, and so the elections remain ongoing until settled by the Courts. Therefore, although Tinubu seized power via coup-like actions, he has no authority from “we the people” for whatever he decides to do.

THE ISSUE: Following the recent Military Coup in neighbouring Niger Republic, Candidate Tinubu has recklessly switched off the electricity supply to Niger Republic. This can ignite a situation that Tinubu cannot control, and the fallout would be suffered by the indigenous peoples of Nigeria (and already of Niger Republic)!

For, shortly after Independence there was an Agreement between Nigeria and Niger Republic that Niger Republic being upstream, would not dam its part of the River Niger as that would slow down the flow of water to Nigeria which is downstream and affect the dams that would be in Nigeria, and thus production of hydroelectricity in Nigeria would be affected. A Treaty was signed to the effect that Nigeria would therefore provide electricity to Niger Republic. In yanking off electricity to Niger Republic, Candidate Tinubu has breached that Treaty!!! A Treaty is more enforceable than a Contract and this is a dangerous and despicable thing to do to the people of Niger Republic who will be suffering the effects of electricity lack that would of course affect hospital equipment, food preservation and processing etc etc.

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Switching off electricity to Niger Republic is recklessness of high order, and Tinubu is being seen by Africans as wanting to validate himself in office by doing things that he hopes will bring him favour from foreign powers, but which are damaging to Africans.
(This is the same way that Gowon jumped out of nowhere to become illicit Head of State, then cancelled the Aburi Accord that had been signed and agreed and would have brought peace and stability to Nigeria, then adding sin to sin, embarked on the Biafra Genocide to kill and destroy Easterners when the Federation of Nigeria had already been Terminated by the coups of 1966, and the Eastern Region had therefore been free to separate from the Union of death that Nigeria had become for them.)

Today though, indigenous peoples and indigenous Ethnic Nations can free themselves from the dangerous Union they are already in, but being made even worse by a desperate (and visibly ill) Tinubu – and that is by Rejecting the fraud called 1999 Constitution then, so as to have no vacuum go to Transitioning to Renegotiate the failed Nigeria Union. This would be by an ORDERLY PROCESS, and the NINAS Propositions and Template has been on the Table since December 2020. South Africa had used Transitioning to set itself free from an Apartheid constitutional order, to a democratic one. So we CAN do it.


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