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Obi At 62: LP Presidential Candidate Calls for Acts of Charity Instead of Birthday Celebrations Amid National Crisis

No serious leader will go on rest - Peter Obi

As Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, turns 62 today, he continues his long-standing resolution of refusing to celebrate his birthday due to the ongoing distressing state of the nation. Instead, he is using this occasion to appeal for acts of compassion and generosity.

Over the past 20 years, Obi has been a staunch advocate for change and improvement in Nigeria, refusing to celebrate his own milestones while the country grapples with widespread problems. In a heartfelt Twitter message today, he implored those wishing to celebrate him or present gifts to redirect their goodwill towards those in dire need.

“Look around you, extend such gifts to people in need, especially in these difficult times,” Obi wrote on Twitter. He encouraged his followers to visit hospitals, orphanages, homes for the aged, and people with disabilities to distribute their generosity.

In his message, Obi also urged those with the means to support schools in remote areas with basic amenities and visit internally displaced person (IDP) camps across the country. He revealed his intentions to do the same, sharing his time and resources with less fortunate communities, while also planning to raise funds for schools and hospitals.

Addressing the leaders and the well-placed individuals of the nation, Obi emphasized the urgent need for personal sacrifices to foster a better Nigeria. “The state of our nation must give us cause to pause and ponder. There is far too much insecurity, violence, and bloodshed,” he said.

This message follows recent violence and turmoil in Mangu LGA, Plateau State, and Benue State, where hundreds of lives have been lost due to sustained violent attacks. Obi expressed his desire for a safer, more productive Nigeria that can create opportunities for the country’s youth.

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Obi concluded his appeal by urging Nigerians to imagine a better future. “As Nigerians, we must always expand our imagination of the possible, believing as we do that a New Nigeria is POssible.”

His call to action emphasis the immense challenges facing Nigeria and Obi’s commitment to working towards a country “that works for all and which Nigerians can be proud of.”

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