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Osaze needs prayers, help –Kanu

Kanu hotel’s take-over case resumes Tuesday

By Bunmi Ogunyale

Two-time African Footballer of the Year, Kanu Nwankwo has taken his former national teammate, Osaze Odemwinge to the cleaners over alleged infidelity by his wife.

The erstwhile Super Eagles in a telephone chat told DailySun Sports that Odemwinge needs help urgently and prayers.

“The accusation is laughable and I think he (Osaze) needs our help and prayers,” he laughed.

“Who is wooing who???

“Osaze, I am still going to choose family over everything else. My reaching out to you over a situation you passed through, or you reaching me can never be taken out of context as a family.

“You got this one completely wrong my dear brother. One love,” the former striker wrote via his Twitter handle @papilokanu.

Odemwinge had taken to his Instagram to call out Nwankwo Kanu’s wife, Amara, for chasing him on social media.

The former West Brom star alleged in his post that Amara has been sending him messages in his DM without the consent of her husband, Kanu. In the post, Odemwinge said it is highly unacceptable for a woman of Amara’s calibre to send messages to another man, insisting that she ought to have gotten approval from Kanu before sliding into his DM.

“The reason why Nigeria is in this state. Too many want to be like America. God turned his back at America as things stand. Destruction is upon her. How can a wife of a legend like @kingkanu4 be chasing me for a chat relentlessly (check ur DM check your DM) na by force? @amarakanu.

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