Dear Charles Ogbu,

You spoke right; the Igbo should not be cutting their nose to spite their face. Some of us immediately started calling for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s immediate and unconditional release ever before others started imagining what to do.

Nigerian elites are extremely corrupt —Prof Igwe | Tribune Online
Prof. Obasi Igwe

We need a strong Igbo economy and educated Igbo youths to liberate the Igbo, and this in cooperation with others oppressed in Nigeria. We cannot destroy these three components and hope to achieve any success. I doån’t know how IPOB arrives at their methods, but I’ve written elsewhere that for several reasons, economic lockdowns should be in cooperation with other nationalities, and should be applied sparingly given that cruel federal policies had already locked the Igbo down for more than 50 years.

We should be more strategic now than tactical and no honest person must allow himself threats and fears in the effort to liberate our people either in a proper restructuring that most of us elders seem to favour, or going back to Aburi, or the Independence/Republican Constitution, or a peaceful separation.

Above all, the IPOB, MASSOB, and other groups should join in serious work to unite the Igbo nation in the 13 contiguous states of their ancestral presence, as well as the East, South and Middle Belt for a positive outcome in case of any referendum for any level of self-determination whether relative or absolute as the case may be.

Let’s not call each other names, but start loving and respecting each other’s views, and join hands with others to free our people from the caliphatic atrocities and enslavements facing almost everyone. Above all, without this being an excuse for treachery and betrayal, whether or not anyone agrees with you, seek not his harm or ruination for in a revolutionary struggle an enemy today could be a saving grace tomorrow.

Prof. Obasi Igwe.


  1. Well spoken Prof. Obasi Igwe, engagement should be without rancour or further collateral damage to our people & economy

  2. Able Prof. I am shocked that our younger “Biafrans” are not already raining insults and curses on you for your wise counsel. The way I see it, Afghanistan and Somalia will be child’s play if Buhari should suddenly wake up from his slumber and grant us the Republic of Biafra. I say this because we now have the most gullible set of uneducated youth in West Africa, with the possible exception of Burkina Faso. Idiots everywhere now hiding under the banner of Biafra. But you pulled the words from my mouth. Kudos to you and May God bless our dear Biafra.

  3. Professor Obasi Igwe’s rebuttal to Charles Ogbu’s comments on the GHOST MONDAY article, although I didn’t read it, would have been the appropriate response if Nigeria is a fair and equitable society where commonsense and rational thinking is encouraged, and disputes are resolved through dialogue. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between the Nigeria that we live in and the Nigeria we wish for. A general goes to war with the Army that he has and not the one he wished he had. Igbos must access the situation in Nigeria from a realistic perspective and acknowledge that the level of rationale and understanding they longed for are nonexistent in Nigeria. If after more than 50 years Igbos are still mistreated and maligned in Nigeria, do we need a benevolent spirit to come and reveal to us that we have reached a dead-end in this experiment called Nigeria? The truth they say is a bitter pill to swallow. Let us stop denying the obvious and accept the fact that those who are in control of Nigeria are not interested in dialogue. They have their agenda and that age is inimical to the existence of Igbos. I believe that the moment of dialogue and common sense reasoning is over and it was by design. The issue you raised concerning the consolidation of all Igbo-speaking areas of Nigeria is a laudable proposition worthy of further exploration. The need for Igbo introspection is now.


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