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Stop Dressing Up Obi In Tribal Garbs; He’s Never Worn One.


By Tai Emeka Obasi

The opposition, including the ruling party that has unwittingly bestowed on the Labour Party the psychological advantage of being the incumbent government, has tried everything together to destroy HE Peter Obi’s fan base. But the more they lie, the more the Nigerian youths swell the size of the OBIdient Movement.

So they shifted to a most wicked concoction that Obi is a tribalist who debased, dehumanised, maimed, killed and deported Northerners from his state when he was governor of Anambra State for eight years. They say anything goes in politics, but such wicked lies that could spark ethnic strife must surely be punished for. Oh, yes, this one must be punished for they translate these utterly dangerous messages into Hausa language and spread all over the Northern states.

For the umpteenth time, the man we also call Okwute is not cut in any sphere of a tribal garb. A man who never appointed or employed any member of his immediate and extended families into the State House throughout his eight years in office, reasoning that he has already taken the lion share of being the governor and should involve other families in running the affairs of the state. A man who never appointed anyone from his community of Agulu as a commissioner, reasoning that his community out of the 177 communities in his state has already taken the lion share of being the governor. Other communities should be involved in running the affairs of the state.

A man who developed all 176 communities in deservedly appropriate standard before looking the way of his community. Above all, a man who started and insisted on zoning the governorship positions across the three senatorial districts of his state. A man, who performed so well that he was loved by all people of his state (well, except very few) such that he could easily have installed his own brother as successor but instead left his own senatorial zone to shift power to the hitherto disadvantaged Anambra North.

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Such an exceptional open-minded individual can never harbour any tribal hatred. A tribalist, who was already a billionaire before he married his only wife, wouldn’t have married from another tribe. If it was anywhere in him, he couldn’t have worked excellently with six different Police Commissioners all from the North and an ADC also from the North for all his eight years in office. Okwute is a humanitarian who loves his own people as much as he loves the North and indeed every zone in Nigeria. Stop spreading such wicked lies against a man, who God consistently fights his battles. A new Nigeria is coming. Don’t stand against a divine intervention!



Obasi writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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