Home Education Teesside University orders Nigerian students to leave UK following naira currency crash

Teesside University orders Nigerian students to leave UK following naira currency crash


Nigerian students at Teesside University in the UK have been forced to abandon their studies and leave the country due to a currency crisis that made it impossible for them to pay their tuition fees on time.


According to Guardian, the students, mostly postgraduates, had their student status terminated and were reported to the Home Office for immigration enforcement, leaving them feeling suicidal and helpless.


The students claim that the university took a hardline approach to their situation, refusing to consider their pleas for help or offer any support.


Instead, they were told to pay their fees or face termination, despite the currency crisis being beyond their control.


The university maintains that failure to pay tuition fees is a breach of visa sponsorship requirements, and they had no choice but to alert the Home Office.


The Home Office has stated that visa sponsorship decisions rest with the institution, leaving the students feeling abandoned and desperate.


The students have invested significant time and resources into their studies and are now seeking help from the Nigerian government and the UK authorities to resolve the situation.


The incident has raised concerns about the treatment of international students in the UK and the need for universities to be more supportive and understanding in times of crisis. The students’ plight has sparked outrage and calls for action to prevent similar situations in the future.

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