Why Should Nigeria Fund Niger Republic’s Infrastructure And Nigerians Are Suffering? – Former Imo Speaker

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A former Speaker of The Imo State House of Assembly (1991-1993), and a three-time Governorship Candidate in Imo State, Mr Ike C. Ibe has bemoaned the current misplacement of priority in the Nations polity.

In a Video message made available to Njenje Media News, Mr Ibe wondered how the statutory body for banks, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will claim it has spent over 3.17 billion dollars defending the Naira and yet one dollar exchange is 500 naira.

According to Mr Ike C. Ibe, despite Nigeria having 4 refineries, over 20 billion is said to be invested and spent in operational costs, a move he considered as despicable.

Mr Ibe claimed in his video assertion that Nigeria currently imports petroleum products from Niger Republic and Nigeria also has to fund infrastructural projects in Niger Republic. He further stated that even State Governments in Nigeria had to donate Military and Police equipments to Niger Republic and wondered that in the same country people bare suffering and dying, public officials are dissipating resources of the nation to do frivolous things for other nations.

In his words;

“What kind of evil nation are we running? It has never been this bad for our nation. People are suffering , dying, yet public officials are dissipating resources to do frivolous things and for other nations. This is totally amazing.”

“Why don’t we just say we should go to our territories and defend ourselves and protect ourselves and take care of ourselves and take care of our resources, this is absolutely crazy.”

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Njenje Media News recalls that few days ago, the Naira crashed to 500/$1 at the parallel market which prompted the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to adjust the exchange rate.


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