COVID-19: Air Canada makes vaccination compulsory for crew

COVID-19: Air Canada makes vaccination compulsory for crew

Popular Airline, ‘Air Canada’ has ordered all its employees to get completely vaccinated against COVID-19 and report their immunization status by October 30th, Njenje Media News reports.

The airline also said it has made complete immunization a requirement for each employee engaged by the organization.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Air Canada claims to have been a leader in the adoption of science-based measures in response to Covid-19.

Air Canada was among the first to demand pre-boarding temperature checking of clients, as well as mandatory onboard mask-wearing policy and the usage of testing.

Another initiative to ensure the safety and well-being of all employees and customers is the decision to require all employees of Air Canada mainline, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Vacations to be fully vaccinated and disclose their vaccination status.

Under the mandatory vaccination policy, testing will not be offered as an alternative.

While Air Canada will accommodate employees who are unable to get vaccinated for good reasons, including as medical issues, failure to be completely vaccinated by October can result in consequences such as unpaid leave or termination, unless they qualify for accommodation.

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