Tell Your People To Fight, Not Pray For Nigeria — Fela’s Son, Seun Takes On Religious Leaders

Tell your people to fight, not pray for Nigeria

The youngest son of legendary Afro beat king, Fela Kuti, Seun  has urged leaders to cease instructing their congregants to pray for Nigeria, Njenje Media News reports.

He however prompted them to preach ‘fight for Nigeria’ message to their people as he listed few instances where the call for prayer wasn’t required but action moves.

The saxophonist hinting on why the religious leaders may not be engaging in such practice noted they may just be scared that the move may have a boomerang effect.

The “Black Times” singer wrote: “Dear Priest/Imam. Stop saying pray for Nigeria and start telling the people to FIGHT FOR NIGERIA, abi u dey fear say dem go fight u too??”

He added: “Switch up the sermon! I mean when some Pastors in some churches weren’t performing, we didn’t pray for them, we sacked them (fought) from office.

“When some girls say some pastors raped them we didn’t pray for them na.

“When one man say one pastor knack him wife, the pastor no pray for am o but everyday pray for Nigeria, pray for your leaders. FIGHT FOR NIGERIA!!”


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