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2023: You Are Battling Against Institutional Corruption, People Who Have Captured State Resources – Marcel Ngogbehei talks tough

marcel ngogbehei

The Chairman, Coalition for Peter Obi, Mr Marcel Ngogbehei have reminded the supporters of Peter Obi to remain resolute as those that are currently battling against are advantaged by their access to state resources. He made this statement at a meeting organized by the Peter Obi Support Network between His Excellency, Peter Obi, TUC, NLC, POSN national, state, local government and ward structures as well as supporters. The meeting was attended by thousands of Nigerians at home and in Diaspora including prominent Islamic clerics and musicians from Kano, Katsina and other parts of Northern Nigeria and monitored by NjenjeMediaNews. Those supporting Peter Obi must be ready to volunteer their time, effort and resources to actualize a Nigeria governed by Peter Obi

The people that are currently running the Nigerian system are not going to allow you get it easily as it is their pipeline to wealth. They have the resources but we are steps ahead of them in strategy and we are ready to match their strength. We have the people of Nigeria from the Core North to the Niger Delta to the MiddleBelt to the West and East behind us. Everyone has to do something to rescue Nigeria. If we miss 2023, I am scared of what will happen afterwards


The Coalition for Peter Obi is the umbrella group for all Peter Obi formal and allied support groups in Nigeria

He also assured readiness for the Osun state 2022 governorship election.

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