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Ekiti Labour Party Rejects Results, Says INEC Figures Were Predetermined, Alleges Cases Of Over-Voting

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This was the resolution reached by the stakeholders after a thorough scrutiny of the Presidential and National Assembly Elections results presented by INEC on the 26th day of February, 2023.

The Labour Party through the State Chairman Mr. A.Odunayo Okunade concluded that the performance of INEC fell seriously below average and that the elections were not only full of flaws but were equally a gang-up arrangement of the powers that be, which is INEC and the benefitting ruling party.

The following anomalies were detected and openly condemned by the Labour Party Ekiti State. That:

  1. Labour Party Electorates witnessed so much threats and intimidations from the APC the benefitting party. These were mostly directed towards the non-indigenes.
  2. The Logo of Labour Party was omitted on the ballot papers for the National Assembly, consequently this deprived our candidates of their votes.
  3. The result presented by INEC was a predetermined one. It was a collaboration between INEC and the ruling party, looking at the disparities that clearly characterized the calculations of the results which was evident in the over voting discovered in the INEC submitted results e.g. Ado Ward 4, Unit 7 which recorded 115 accredited voters had 171 valid votes cast at the end of the day, which means 56 over voting in that single polling unit. Ado Ward 10 Unit 12 which recorded accredited voters of 216 had 678 valid votes cast at the end which means an over voting of 462 in that single unit etc.
  4. The result was doctored even before the election as reflected on the INEC portal dated 20th February, 2023.
  5. BVAS Machines were severally bypassed by INEC during the process which was a violation of the electoral law.
  6. Results were not transmitted at the polling units as INEC claimed that they were instructed not to upload at the polling units.
  7. Some of our agents were chased away by thugs even in the presence of the security personnels and INEC.
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All these were unacceptable to Ekiti State Labour Party, hence the Labour Party of Ekiti-State humbly demand for the cancellation and a re-run of the Presidential and National Assembly elections in Ekiti State.





………………………………………                                               …………………………………

      A.Odunayo Okunade (Esq)                                 Hon. A.V. Adesua

(Labour Party Ekiti State Chairman)            (Labour Party Ekiti State Secretary)


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