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‘Ibute Ike’ Syndrome Among Our Youths — Uche Nworah, Ph.D


These youngsters are now on another level. What won’t they do to ‘bute ike’. Now eggs are being broken on their heads and blood sprinkled on them by Ezemmuo (hopefully not human blood). It has not occurred to the boys that allowed themselves to be filmed in the viral video where I munched these pictures from, that even Ezemmuo himself that wants to ‘bunye ha ike’ has not ‘bute ike’ himself. His surroundings would have told a different story if he has. What a pity!

Society as a whole should stand up against these digital ‘dibias’ that are leading young people astray. It appears that the generation falling prey to such ‘ogwu ego’ practices don’t believe in the virtues of hardwork, patience, perseverance, God’s grace and the importance of maintaining a good family name. When we were growing up, our parents, neighbours and relatives always hammered into our heads that we should always remember the sons of whom we are. ‘Biko imechuna ezi na uno gi iru’ (Do not disgrace and dishonour your family), they said at every opportunity.

Social media is not helping matters. The so-called digital ‘dibias’ who go by different names are social media savvy. They are using tech tools to market and promote their ‘dibia’ services. Distance is no longer a barrier, even people living abroad now send money across and are represented by friends and family members where ‘awele’, ‘ibobo’, ‘obala ola’ and such other named native money, power, longevity and success ‘ite ogwu’ are being prepared.

Never before have we seen in recent history the urge and recourse to diabolical means by young people to get rich. Anambra state, my darling state, appears to be the headquarters of such get-rich-quick service providers. Some disguise as Pastors.

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Clearly one can see that the way this is going, if left unchecked, the wider society will be affected too. The consequences can only be imagined. The police have reported large scale idol worshipping, drinking of human blood and eating of human flesh by kidnappers busted in their various dens and camps. They also report of thriving black market sales of human parts and organs by the kidnappers to ritualists. Some kidnap victims have also been beheaded. Many will recall the gruesome beheading of Hon. Okechukwu Okoye in 2022, a member of Anambra State House of Assembly representing Aguata Constituency 2 at the time.

The government has to act, and fast!

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