Home Health Mother seek justice over five-year-old daughter’s alleged defilement

Mother seek justice over five-year-old daughter’s alleged defilement

Mother seek justice over five-year-old daughter’s alleged defilement

A distraught mother, Rita Ebirim, has demanded justice for her five-year-old daughter defiled by her brother-in-law in Lagos.
The woman, who spoke with our correspondent on Friday, said her estranged husband had filed a divorce on August 2, 2022, and while waiting for the trial, she was ordered by the court to allow the father to have access to their daughter.
Ebirim explained that her daughter was defiled during her second visit to her father by his brother.
She said, “One day in February last year, he came to pick her up for the first time in the morning and returned her in the evening. That day I sensed that something was wrong with my girl and I voiced my suspicion to my lawyer but he waved it off.
“The next time, he came to take her to visit him and she returned to me at night beyond the speculated time. Later, when I wanted to bathe her, she started crying, pushing my hands away, that I shouldn’t touch her ‘there’.
“When I asked her who touched her there she told me her uncle touched her.”
Ebirim said when she called her daughter’s father, he denied doing anything to her and immediately instructed that the girl be taken to the hospital despite knowing that it was late at night.
She added, “I took her to two hospitals and after she was examined, the doctors said she had bruises on her private parts and had been sexually molested.”


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