Music Review: P-square is back again with ‘Jaiye (Ihe Geme)’

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By Adeleye Adegboyega

Afrobeats legendary duo, Peter & Paul Okoye popularly known as P-Square has released the first single since the twin brothers unceremoniously split in 2017. The single is titled “Jaiye(Ihe Geme)” and it is already making waves online, NjenjeMediaNews reports.

The music duo came back with a bang as fans were excited to see the brothers deliver the amazing tune melodiously.

The song is an Amapiano party vibe and a club banger which was produced by the music duo themselves.

P-square infuses their trademark pop and dance fusion sensibilities as well as the buzzing sound of Amapiano into creating an upbeat & catchy vibe. A danceable and sing-along tune which is a reminiscence of the fantastic delivery offered to fans throughout their blissful career.

A perfect vibe for the summer and a perfect gift for music lovers. The song starts with a call to “Jaiye (Ihe Geme)”, a Yoruba and Igbo words which respectively means ‘celebrate’ .

“Jaiye ori mi (Yeah iyahhh!)
Jaiye, Jaiye ori mi
Ihe geme, Ihe geme eeh”

The chorus is melodious as fans can vibe to it by clapping and dancing. It is a feel-good vibe that can make a moody person lively and a good relief from stress

“So put your hands up in the air (Jaiye lo, Jaiye, Jaiye ori mi)
Make we Jaiye (Jaiye lo, Jaiye, Jaiye ori mi)”

The tune is a call to celebrate, dance, and enjoy yourself. “Shake your body” means to dance while “Soji” means to be aware so as to get into the groove.

“Omo, na enjoyment
We want shake body
Tell dem e still dey body
P-Square go make you soji”

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P-square also released a melodic and love vibe titled “Find somebody”; Another beautiful reminisce of lovely tunes like “Beautiful Onyinye” and “No One be like you”.

Speaking about their new single, P-Square says, “The decision to release two singles at the same time came from the need to make it up to our fans after our sojourn as individual artists, and to show our creative growth. ‘Jaiye (Ihe Geme)’ is a catchy upbeat track we believe is the perfect vibe for the summer, while ‘Find Somebody’ delivers that unmistakable P-Square vibe with a twist. We can’t wait to share more from our album in the coming months”.

The video of “Jaiye” shows both singers dancing in a frenzy & celebratory atmosphere to the feel good vibe, which literally means “Jaiye”.

Surely, P-square is back again, Back with a bang!!!



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