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Nigerian Army Operating Under 81 Division Prevent Suicide Attempt


Nigeria’s 81 Division of the Army is being praised for its successful prevention of a suicide attempt on Monday morning. The individual, identified as Mrs. Francesca Spark, had jumped into the Lagos Lagoon with the intention of ending her life.

The Army’s prompt response was made possible by the timely information received by its surveillance unit. Upon receiving the alert, the Army wasted no time in mobilizing its personnel to the site of the incident. Upon arrival, Mrs. Spark was immediately rescued and is now receiving medical attention.

The Army’s Acting Deputy Director of Army Public Relations, Lieutenant Colonel Olabisi Olalekan Ayeni, released a statement about the incident. In it, he commended the personnel involved for their heroic efforts in preventing a possible tragedy. He also called on members of the public to pay attention to their loved ones and seek timely help for anyone who may be going through emotional distress or mental health issues.

Ayeni noted that the woman plunged into the lagoon around 81 Division Officers’ Mess, Marina Lagos.
“The troops of 65 Battalion NA deployed at the Officers’ Mess, who sighted Mrs Spark quickly used their military riverine skills and ingenuity to rescue her. She was given first aid and stabilized by the battalion medical team. After stabilization, the family was contacted and she was handed over to her husband, one Mr Spark Oghene Ovie residing at Awoyaya Lagos,” the statement partly read.
The General Officer Commanding of the 81 Division, Major General Muhammed Takuti Usman, commended the soldiers for being observant and for their ingenuity, courage, and gallantry.
The GOC said he is pleased that soldiers brought their training in disaster management to bear in such a critical situation that could have claimed the life of a fellow citizen.
Maj Gen Usman emphasised the significance of military operations conducted during emergencies or natural disasters.
He confirmed that troops have undergone extensive training to provide support to leading agencies in times of crisis.
He also assured residents of the army’s dedication to safeguarding the well-being and assets of local residents, particularly in times of crisis.

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