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Nigerians will choose between recovery, decline in 2023 – Atiku

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Ahead of the February general elections, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), former Vice President Atiku Abubakar said 2023 is a year of choosing between the country’s recovery or decline.

Atiku, in a new year message to all his supporters across the country, Sunday said the year is one Nigerians have looked forward to.

He stated, “Nigeria will go through the ballot this year – specifically on February 25 and March 11.

“Those election datelines are crucial to us as Nigerians because they headline our recovery as a people from the hardship and pains that the APC has unleashed on the country in the past seven and half years.

“You already know that I shall be leading the Peoples Democratic Party in my position as your presidential candidate in the mission to defeat the APC and push back on the current hardships and economic downturn.

“When you elect me as your next president, we shall work together to recover Nigeria so all Nigerians can enjoy peace, prosperity, safety and stability.

“I have the experience and the capacity to make this happen again. My scorecard and the scorecard of the PDP, as compared with that of the APC, is my boldest advertisement in this campaign.

“None of the other contestants comes close in my capacity to building an economy from the base to enviable heights, and I make no frivolous claims about that.

“Dear friend, the next election is a choice between our recovery and our decline. I am sure that your choice is clear. I am sure that you will mobilise your family, friends and colleagues to go to the ballot and vote to RECOVER NIGERIA”.

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