NINAS Extraordinary Alerts And Exposition Series No.5 (Parts 3 & 4 of 4)

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NINAS Secretariat

As the implementation of the Constitutional Force Majeure advances from Enlightenment and Mobilization to Enforcement, and as the consequences of the delegitimization of the 1999 Constitution and the isolation of its Caliphate operators become more manifest, you are invited by these Extraordinary Expositions to a deeper insight into the back-end designs of the monster we are up against.

Just as was done with the RUGA ALERT and the TRAIN TERROR ATTACK DEMAND broadcasts, NINAS requests us to disseminate these Series No.5 Extraordinary Exposition Broadcasts (Parts 1-4) very widely, using all available digital platforms including social media, Church networks, town unions, neighborhood and family platforms (home and abroad), market unions, professional association networks, school alumni networks, students associations, political and non-governmental association networks et cetera.

Even amidst the deafening and diversionary noise of Elections 2023, let us realize that we race against time as the distressed enemy become more desperate and so, the pace at which we spread the information contained in these Extraordinary Expositions may spell life or death for millions of our people currently trapped in the toxic ruins of the Failed LugardianExperiment of 1914.

Part 3 (of 4) – Our Sovereignty Will Not Be Traded for Power: Riot Act to Southern & Middle Belt Political Merchants

Part 4 (of 4) – NINAS Alliance Seeks FREEDOM; Others Seek POWER