Home News Photos: Governor Soludo Travels To “Inaccessible” Olumbanasa Community By Boat

Photos: Governor Soludo Travels To “Inaccessible” Olumbanasa Community By Boat


The Governor of Anambra State,  Chukwuma Soludo, has made history as the first state governor to visit riverine community, Olumbanasa in the creek of Anambra West Local Government Area of the state.


Governor Soludo, who described the community as one considered by past Anambra governors as ‘unreachable’, expressed delight after navigating the community through River Niger in the company of the Catholic Bishop of Aguleri, Denis Isizoh, on Saturday.



He wrote:


“As I pen these words today, my heart brims with emotions so profound they transcend the scope of language. Accompanied by Bishop Denis Isizoh, the Catholic Diocese of Aguleri, I embarked on a journey of immense significance. Together, we navigated through River Niger to pay a visit to the resilient and indefatigable people of Olumbanasa in Anambra West LGA


“This voyage was more than a symbolic gesture, it was a testament to my steadfast commitment to reach every nook and cranny, every soul of our beloved Anambra state.


“The journey was also a personal milestone as it marked my first time being transported in a Keke through the rural areas. This experience was more than just a thrilling ride, it allowed me a glimpse into the everyday life of our valued Anambra citizens.


“Olumbanasa, a place once considered unreachable by my predecessors, was made accessible due to your unwavering faith and trust in my leadership.


“This visit, unprecedented in the annals of Anambra State, represents a historic achievement, a step no Governor before me has taken.


“During my campaign, I paid special attention to the challenges facing Anambra West, particularly with regards to the access road leading to its headquarters. It remains the only Local Government without a navigable access road.

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“Today, I am proud to report that the headquarters is undergoing a complete transformation, and the once impassable road is now under construction. This is a promise fulfilled, a testament to my resolve.


“When I applied for this office, it was with a vision to bring solace to the distressed, to be a beacon of hope for the downtrodden. We stand united in our belief of ‘One Anambra, One People, One Agenda’.


“Our commitment to ensuring enduring peace for the people of Olumbanasa, Odekpe and Allah-Onugwa remains unshakeable. We understand that peace is the cornerstone of development. “Udo GA Chi” peace must indeed reign.


“We are dedicated to establishing a primary health center powered by solar energy in the region. Furthermore, we have plans to illuminate the lives of the people of Olumbanasa with solar lighting, provide them with boreholes and rejuvenate their educational institutions.


“This visit fills me with pride, and I assure you, this is but the first of many


“May Anambra Continue to Succeed


CC. Soludo CFR.


Photos: Governor Soludo Travels To "Inaccessible" Olumbanasa Community By Boat

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