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Tinubu sends delegation of Islamic leaders to Niger Republic for another round of dialogue


approved the return of a delegation of Islamic leaders to the Niger Republic, for another round of dialogue with the military junta, led by General Abdourahmane Tchiani.

The decision was made on Thursday after a meeting between the President and top clerics led by Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi who were recently in Niamey, the Niger Republic capital, two weeks ago for dialogue.

Since the government of President Mohamed Bazoum was overthrown on July 26, 2023, ECOWAS reacted by imposing sanctions on Niger and has not ruled out using force against the army officers.

The regional body has approved the deployment of a “standby force to restore constitutional order” in Niger as soon as possible.

However, they have still given room for dialogue in finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Former Nigerian Head of State and ECOWAS Envoy to the Niger Republic, Abdulsalami Abubakar, upon return from the French-speaking country, had said that his delegation’s meeting with Niger Republic coup leaders last weekend was a positive one.

Abubakar said diplomacy won’t fail to restore the democratically elected government of President Bazoum.

The military ruler had said the junta would return to civilian rule within three years but ECOWAS rejected the move.

The African Union (AU) had recently suspended Niger Republic over the ongoing situation.

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