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Umuada Igbo Communique Regarding Terror Designation on Biafra Agitators Issued by Umuada Igbo

Umuada Igbo
Umuada Igbo

This Communiqué follows from our 10th December 2022 Emergency Assembly Declaration where we declared we would stand by the Consensus that was painstakingly generated in 2018 by the 3-day
Conclave of the Leaderships of Major Igbo Organizations at Enugu. We saw that the Three-Point
The resolution of that Conclave represents the current freedom-from-bondage aspirations of the Igbo populace, and therefore not the “Biafra Restoration” bandwagon.

Thus, we resolved to align with and adopt: (a) the ALADIMMA Epistle of 2012, (b) the Resolutions of April 27, 2015, Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger held in Port Harcourt, (c) the December 11, 2018, Freedom Park Proclamation and (d) the Five-Point Proposition of the December 16, Constitutional Force Majeure Proclamation of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance For Self-Determination. Therefore Umuada joined the push for the initiation of an immediate TRANSITIONING

Arrangement in Nigeria instead of another round of Elections in 2023 under the Repudiated 1999
Constitution which will only reinforce the bondage of the Igbo, no matter who becomes President.


Quoting from the article " IPOB appears on Global Terrorism Index after Boko Haram, ISWAP" of 21
January 2023, we read:

"The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been ranked on the 2022 Global Terrorism Index (GTI)
alongside Boko Haram and the Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP).

The recent evaluation followed the unprecedented number of mass killings in the South-Eastern
Region of Nigeria by persons believed to belong to IPOB and its militant arm, the Eastern Security
Network (ESN).

The killings took an unprecedented dimension after the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, was
renditioned from Kenya and detained by the Department of State Security (DSS) since about two

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IPOB appears on Global Terrorism Index after Boko Haram, ISWAP

Umuada Igbo categorically and wholeheartedly denounce Nnamdi Kanu and his violent gang called IPOB
and ESN (Eastern Security Network) that is now ranked with terrorist groups by Global Terrorism Index.

It is no secret that Nnamdi Kanu vowed to turn Igboland into " Somalia", a metaphor for violence, killings
and destruction, and he was heard on his Biafra Radio inciting and commanding his followers to kill
Police Officers and Soldiers, and to destroy property. We have also seen reports by the globally
respected Agence France-Presse that Kanu and IPOB fraudulently manipulate photographs to make it
seem that Kanu has been at official meetings and other places, in order to deceive. We repeat that we
categorically and unequivocally denounce Nnamdi Kanu and his violent gang called IPOB and ESN.

The consequences for Igbo Nation and Igbo Worldwide, of the activities of Kanu and his IPOB/ESN are
very alarming, and their deadly violence against mostly Igbo people affects all of us. Their violence and
tactics taint us all, making us look like a foolish and violent Race, now terrorists, to the entire World.

Igbo were killed in the pogroms of the 1960s and the Biafra genocide. Now Kanu and his IPOB/ESN are
providing Nigeria with a reason to invade Igbo land again to search for IPOB terrorists. Most certainly
innocent people will be caught up in this, and killed or maimed as " collateral damage&quot.

Furthermore, having an Igbo group labelled as terrorists may slow down and even stop Igbo progress abroad when our people are being seen as possible terrorists.


Under the Igbo cultural wisdom that Eziokwu-Bu-Ndu (truthfulness is life) we now insist that this
wisdom must henceforth apply in Igbo land, and wherever Igbo live globally.

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Eziokwu-Bu-Ndu (truthfulness is life) is our collective solution physically, materially and spiritually from
the violence, terror, the deceits that Kanu and his IPOB have brought upon Igbo. The truth will set us free from this evil, and the truth will cleanse our land, plus raise our reputation again which Kanu and IPOB have thrown down into the mud.

1) There is abundant information in the public domain to show that Nnamdi Kanu set out to deceive
Igbo (and others) right from the very beginning. The way he hijacked the term IPOB from its originators
and then registered it as a limited liability company in Britain speaks volumes. What is key though is that he
played on the emotions of the Igbo to make them believe that they could ever get freedom or
independence when they have no definite territorial map of that " Biafra" they seek. Kanu carried on
with his deceit even after he had been shown time and time again that a no-map ‘Biafra’ was an illogical
fantasy, and a lie.
Therefore, Igbo must now use the facts and state the full truth about Kanu. The truth is that Kanu did not "make a mistake", he did not "derail later", he did not "at least open the eyes of Igbo". Kanu has
been rightly called a conman, because from the beginning he set out to deceive, and to claim things
done by others as his own work, and to manipulate photographs and videos. We must admit this truth,

Umuada Igbo and all Igbo must not be silent but we must also challenge the wrongdoing of those who
finance, facilitate or support Kanu and his IPOB/ESN. We know who some of them are.
World Igbo Congress (WIC) under the current leadership of Professor Anthony Ejiofor took out a one
page advertorial in the Nigeria Guardian newspaper in January 2021 in full support of ESN, an unknown
group that would be remotely controlled solely by Kanu from abroad. Several Igbo made their concerns

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known, however WIC ignored them, and we now see the evil that Kanu and his IPOB/ESN has brought
upon us all.

Several high-profile Igbo have also been supporting and protecting Kanu such as Senator Enyinnaya
Abaribe and Governor Charles Soludo, plus leaders of the South East geopolitical zone under the aegis of
Igbo Elders Consultative Forum, and others. Notwithstanding their high positions in Igbo society, there is
a higher authority that Igbo must obey. Eziokwu-Bu-Ndu (truthfulness is life) and that is where we insist
Igbo Nation and Igbo Worldwide are to be. Every Igbo person whether high or low is challenged by
Umuada Igbo to seek out the open truth about Kanu and his IPOB, easily obtained from the public
domain including the Internet. That includes broadcasts by Kanu himself, plus accounts from former
members of IPOB, and information from survivors of IPOB violence. The Igbo Nation is facing a dire situation with IPOB appearing on the Global Terrorism Index. We must be bold and truthful about Kanu
and his IPOB. Silence and cowardice are not from God in such a situation as this. God is on the side of
Eziokwu-Bu-Ndu (truthfulness is life).

May the Mercy of God prevail in the affairs of Ndigbo in a Nigeria that destroys the lives of its people.

Dated this 2nd Day of February 2023

Issued by Umuada Igbo


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