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BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Bwala Cries Out For Possible Arrest By The APC Led Government


Daniel Bwala, a prominent Nigerian Lawyer and politician, has recently received credible intelligence that key people around the seat of power in the government are planning to use security agencies to arrest him on trumped-up allegations. Bwala, who is a member of the same faith ticket as the President, has been a vocal opponent of the government and believes that his stance has made them uncomfortable.

Bwala made a post on his X account, and warned the world that if anything happens to him, they should be aware of the government’s plans. He believes that they are planning to silence him and damage his reputation.

It is believed that the government is using the arrests to silence its critics and stifle dissent.

Bwala has stated that he is prepared to face the consequences of his actions and will not be deterred by the government’s tactics. He has vowed to continue speaking out against the government and its policies.

This news has been met with widespread condemnation from civil society groups and human rights activists. They have called on the government to cease its tactics of using arrests and detentions to silence its critics. They have also urged the government to ensure that all citizens are able to exercise their right to freedom of speech and expression without fear of retribution.

The government has yet to comment on the matter. However, it is clear that the situation is being closely monitored by civil society groups and human rights activists. It is yet to be seen how the matter will be resolved.

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The plan to arrest Daniel Bwala is a stark reminder of the government’s willingness to silence its critics by any means necessary. This news has sparked a wave of outrage and demands for the government to protect the rights of its citizens. It is now up to the government to show its commitment to protecting freedom of speech and expression.

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