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Elections: Labour Party Thanks Nigerians For Support, Urges Them To Be Peaceful Untill It Becomes Unacceptable

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Dear compatriots,

It is a privilege to write to you today to sincerely appreciate you for standing with the Labour Party throughout the electioneering period and this moment. We are aware that the battle to win Nigeria back was not going to be an easy one. It was envisaged that the old order of politicians will not be an easy nut to crack but we never anticipated the magnitude of the brute force, ballot snatching, collusion of government agencies to subvert the wishes of the people, unwarranted terror unleashed on Nigerians in order to force the status quo to remain.


In the process, a lot of Nigerians were harassed, brutalized, maimed and some paid the supreme sacrifice. We want to use this opportunity to acknowledge and empathize with all those who suffered various degrees of abuse in the hands of these brutes. Your only offence was that you stood to be counted as a patriotic Nigerian who is demanding for a new Nigeria.

Let me assure you that we will pursue the mandate you gave to the Labour Party with zeal and reclaim it. I also want to assure you that all your efforts are not wasted and that the Labour Party intends to sustain the momentum and the struggle to its logical conclusion. Victory will be ours.

Soon, the Labour Party will be embarking on the next phase of the struggle which involves holding of conferences, seminars and rallies across the country. We will not rest until Nigeria is rescued; till we take over Nigeria and make a new Nigeria, a possibility.

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Never again will we allow anybody to shut us out. In future elections, we will be ready to confront these evil men who are still holding grip our political space. We will reclaim the nation and the children of ‘nobody’ can be somebody.

In this dispensation, we saw bus drivers, Okada riders, and many not in the political class being voted for under our platform to the Senate, House of Reps, and State Houses of Assembly.

Let me use this opportunity to update you on why we are in the court because you deserve to know. We are challenging the APC victory on grounds of substantial non-compliance with the electoral law, as well as the guidelines of the Independent National electoral commission (INEC).

Another ground of appeal is that the February 25 presidential election was allegedly characterized by huge irregularities and electoral malpractices following INEC’s failure to electronically upload results immediately from its polling units to the INEC Results Viewing Portal (IREV). We also have a deluge of evidence of how Labour Party was rigged out through thuggery, threat to life, snatching of ballot boxes, ethnicization of election as well as active connivance with the INEC and security agencies.

There is compliance with the constitutional requirements which provides for a President to score 25 percent of votes in two-third states and Federal Capital Territory. A condition which the APC did not meet.The APC candidate is also not qualified on the ground of his conviction by the US court on his involvement with narcotics.

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The electoral matters have now shifted to the Electoral Tribunals where it is believed that justice will be done. Nigerians, especially those affected by the flawed polls, have strong faith that the judiciary is still the last hope of the common man and that the temple of justice will remedy the wrongs of the worst election ever conducted in the history of Nigeria.

Arising from the afore-mentioned, you must agree with me that the struggle is far from being over. We have chosen to give the judiciary the opportunity to ensure that justice prevails and for the right thing to be done. We are therefore calling on all our members and supporters to ‘Watch and Pray’ and to refuse to be provoked into taking laws into their hands. We will continue to preach peace until when it becomes very much unacceptable and unbearable. We will then speak again with one voice and loudly too.

God bless Nigeria.

Barrister Julius Abure
National Chairman
Labour Party

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