EndSARS: A Post-Mortem – Prof. Femi Olufunmilade

Prof. Femi Olufunmilade
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As a social scientist, I’ve followed the trajectory of #EndSARS from its peaceful beginning to the looting stage with keen interest and I’m still struggling to construct an empirical, logical, and valid explanations for the whole saga.

I wish to pose seven questions:

  1. Why was northern youths’ involvement in #EndSARS not pronounced, while the northern masses, generally, are prominent in the looting of the warehouses for food?
  2. Why were the attacks on individuals directed primarily at nationally prominent politicians in the various geo-political zones?
  3. Has the limitation of the peaceful, well-organised #EndSARS to the entire South and the North Central ( Kwara, Niger, FCT, Plateau) – even Kaduna – anything to do with Restructuring?
  4. Why, in your view, did violent protesters (aka hoodlums, miscreants, touts, agbero, street urchins) join or, to use the media choice of word, “hijack” the #EndSARS protest?: (Anger, Poverty, Political-Instigation, Vengeance)
  5. How would you rate the response of the individual State Governments to the entire #EndSARS saga (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent)?

6.How would you rate the response of the Federal Government to the entire #EndSARS saga (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent)?

  1. Given the cross-ethnic, cross-regional, cross-religious, and cross-gender character of #EndSARS, does it hold any potential for a nationalistic and truly progressive politics and good governance in Nigeria, powered by the youths?
  • Prof. ‘Femi Olufunmilade

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