Home News Former APC National Chairman, Adamu Abdullahi in legal battle over property ownership

Former APC National Chairman, Adamu Abdullahi in legal battle over property ownership


Senator Abdullahi Adamu, erstwhile National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), is embroiled in a legal showdown as the family of Alhaji Yahaya Sabo, former Chairman of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN), seeks to reclaim their father’s property.

The Sabo family alleges that Adamu illegally acquired the property during his tenure as the governor of the state and later sold it to the government. Tensions rise as the family demands justice.

In a candid dialogue with journalists on Saturday in Lafia, Alhaji Mohammed Yahaya Sabo, the first son of the late NPN Chairman, divulged that the first civilian governor of the state,

Abdullahi Adamu, purportedly procured their father’s property during his gubernatorial tenure on behalf of the PDP.

The erstwhile governor, Sabo alleged, had approached their late father with a request to utilize the property temporarily as the party’s office, an appeal that was acquiesced to considering their familial connection.

A disconcerting twist unfolded when the former APC National Chairman reportedly sold the ancestral house to the state government during his own tenure as governor, a move which has sparked a protracted endeavor by the family to repossess their cherished property since the demise of their patriarch.

“We have pleaded with Abdullahi Adamu for several years now, but regrettably, our entreaties have been met with fleeting commitment from the former governor,” lamented Mohammed Sabo.

“Although we initiated legal action against him, the late Emir of Lafia, Mustapha Agwai, mediated and urged us to withdraw the case in the interest of amicable settlement, as Adamu continued to stonewall our efforts.”
Allegedly wresting control of the edifice more than two decades ago, Abdullahi Adamu’s purported inaction over the years has elicited stern resistance from the Sabo family. Mohammed Yahaya Sabo declared, “We are unswerving in our pursuit to reclaim our late father’s property. Abdullahi Adamu cannot abrogate our legitimate rights. Should it become necessary, we are prepared to take the drastic step of sealing off the property currently occupied by Radio Nigeria.”
In the aftermath of these events, an apparent schism has emerged within the family, exacerbated by allegations that Mohammed conspired with Adamu to facilitate the sale of the contested property. In an earnest plea, Mohammed Yahaya Sabo beseeched Governor Abdullahi Sule and conscientious citizens of the state to exert pressure on Adamu, imploring him to exhibit compassion and cede their father’s property back to the family, thereby fostering an atmosphere of harmony and justice.
Quoting Alhaji Mohammed Yahaya Sabo, “We remain committed to securing our rightful inheritance, and it is our fervent hope that Governor Abdullahi Sule and well-meaning citizens will rally to our cause, ensuring the restoration of our family’s legacy for the greater good.”

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