Ito Ogbo Cultural Festival Of Obosi Kingdom 2021, Mrs Gladys Molokwu Joins The League


The Ito Igbo festival, an age-long cultural event that spanned through some centuries back has being rebranded, re -ivigorized while not loosing its innate flavor.

The age-grade system, a part of Obosi’s traditional system was mooted with the aim and purpose of helping to develop the various municipalities of the kingdom. It also helps in the procurement of various public projects and humanitarian services like ; Public Water System, Construction and maintainance of the Town Hall, Existing School and Amenities refurbishment, award of academic scholarships to indigent students and town security networks.

The ‘ITO OGBO OBOSI’ is a cultural festival aimed at celebrating longetivity where young sons and daughters of the kingdom are encouraged to value and aspire to be of age.

The Festival is an age-grade collective celebration of birthdays for people who are 80 years but because it is celebrated every 3 years, many in this age group usually fall short of being the actual 80 years old when the festival is being done. Waivers are therefore granted for people who are slightly below the age of 80.

It should be noted that these octogenarians are being celebrated by their family and friends to reduce the unnecessary pressure of posthumous celebrations of our old ones.

The Obosi kingdom, a clan of people of diverse religious and cultural affiliations made sure the cultural event accommodates everyone irrespective of their religious inclinations.

One of the CELEBRANTS for this year’s event is 78-year old Mrs. Gladys Molokwu, from Urowulu village but married to Late Mr Godwin Molokwu of Umouta village, Obosi. The Molokwu’s are proficient teachers who made their marks in the teaching profession before retirement.
Mrs. Molokwu despite having lived most of her life outside Obosi can be vividly remembered by her former pupils in all the schools she taught both in and outside Obosi town.

She was so dedicated to her duty as a teacher as she garnered various school and state awards as best teacher for her teaching, writing skills as well as her punctuality to work. She is famed for being the first to arrive the various schools she taught in the morning and the last to leave.

Mrs. Molokwu at 78, is among those worthy to be celebrated at this year’s edition of ITO OGBO OBOSI to the glory of God.



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