Nigeria: For Now You Do Not Need Peter Obi. Here’s Why — Opinion By Ndidi Uwechue

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01 September 2022

Peter Obi could well have a role to play in bringing good change to Nigerians, but not yet.

Let us first briefly set down what Nigerian young people and children need and want, yet do not have.
They need security. They need a country that works for their good. They want a clean environment,
functioning educational establishments, world-class medical facilities, streets with pedestrian crossings
and traffic lights, conditions that assist the disabled, special facilities for the gifted, exciting and well-
equipped sports and leisure venues, public and reference libraries, 21 st century SciTech, museums,
theatres, opera houses, botanical gardens, zoos, and restaurants serving foods from every corner of the
earth – in short, they want everything that young people and children should get from a country that
cherishes them.

All that Nigerian youth need and want, they can get and they can get it through TRANSITIONING. That is
the international law and due process method for bringing good “Change!” to countries facing what
Nigerians are facing. South Africa faced something similar when they were living under an Apartheid
The system, and brought change via Transitioning. Nigeria’s never-ending problems are based on its faulty
foundation. It is because of that faulty foundation (the forgery-1999 Constitution), that there are
problems with the economy, problems with infrastructure, problems with political lopsidedness,
problems with insecurity, problems in the educational system, plus ethnic and religious tensions, etc.
It is because Nigerians are in that state of having imposed on them a hostile 1999 Constitution that they
did not make or agree, that like South Africa, they can go into Transitioning.

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The right and power to go to Transitioning comes from the fact that the illegitimate 1999 Constitution
has been REPUDIATED, and a Constitutional Force Majeure declared on 16 th December 2020. That means
that those who want good “Change!” have a ready-made ORDERLY PROCESS they should turn to and
during that Transitioning, they themselves as “we the people” can decide the level and type of
“Change!” that they want, using their inalienable right to Self-Determination.

Explaining things a little further. Some twenty-two years ago, soon after the pretence 1999 Constitution
was imposed, what was to become the NINAS Movement set to work to Decommission that forgery
whose provisions were so clearly against the indigenous peoples. There had already been PRONACO
when a Draft Peoples’ Constitution was made, then like Aburi, simply set aside. That led to

the Movement for New Nigeria, plaintiffs representing indigenous ethnic nationalities in Suit No.
FHC/ABJ/CS/367/07 in the Federal High Court, Abuja and No. FHC/L/CS/558/09 before the Federal High
Court Lagos Division, seeking reliefs, including a declaration that the 1999 Constitution is a forgery, that
the Preamble be set aside, and that the Government of the day be ordered to initiate a process for the
negotiation and re-enactment of a Union Agreement (Constitution) via a Sovereign National Conference,
but judgements are still awaited to date.

The forgery-1999 Constitution was subsequently Repudiated at various times by the three Blocs of
Lower Niger, Yoruba, and Middle Belt (making up the NINAS Territory) during their Solemn Assemblies,
culminating in a declaration of the historic Constitutional Force Majeure mentioned above. It is these
and other due process proceedings, plus the use of international law instruments including UNDRIP
(United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) that give all those in the NINAS
Territory the right and power to immediately go to Transitioning. Quoting from NINAS documentation,
to get a good understanding of what Transitioning would look like:
“For a transitional framework and to avoid anarchy in the unfolding drama of Nigeria’s unraveling, LNC
[Lower Niger Congress] strongly recommends that we do exactly what Apartheid South-African
The government of Fredrick De Clerk did in 1990 when the Apartheid Constitution of South Africa, imposed
by a white minority, was rejected by the black majority in South Africa. That Government suspended
further elections under the Apartheid Constitution and initiated an all-inclusive Sovereign Conference
(CODESA), which discussed and agreed on a fresh basis for South Africa which then became the new
Constitution upon which the election of 1994, won by Mandela’s ANC was conducted. That Government
remained in office in a transitional capacity for that period. Nigeria has reached that same bus-stop
where a Constitution imposed by a tiny minority is being violently rejected countrywide by the oppressed
majority. LNC prescribes a similar transitional arrangement for Nigeria without further delay. Any other
approach is likely to end in catastrophe and unprecedented human misery.”

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Experts attached to NINAS know the global standard practice for such matters, but suffice the layman
and ordinary Nigerian who wants genuine “Change!”, to know that it means that instead of being
pushed to Elections 2023 under the Repudiated forgery-1999 Constitution, those elections should be
SUSPENDED to instead go to immediate Transitioning (Transitional Government and Sovereign
Conference) when Ethnic Nations would have multi-Regional Referendums to democratically decide on
the type of political Union they want to be in.

Nothing works for indigenous peoples because of the 1999 Constitution, and because of that forgery
they now face mortal dangers from armed Fulani and their Islamic terrorist co-killers, they face land
grab via the Water Resources Bill and via RUGA Fulani colonies. These intolerable things bring real fears
of a sudden violent disintegration of Nigeria. Peter Obi is clearly the preferred choice of the peoples of
the NINAS Territory. If he believes and wants to show that truly Black lives matter, he would not seek to
renew the life of that forgery-1999 Constitution which has been Repudiated but would lead his trusting

followers down the morally correct pathway of terminating a forgery, and retrieval of the inalienable
right to Self-Determination, hijacked by that forgery. That would bring genuine “Change!” by, and for
“we the peoples”.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired
Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure,
and she writes from Abuja.


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