Home Health & Lifestyle Nze Edward Keazor has been appointed board chairman

Nze Edward Keazor has been appointed board chairman

Nze Edward Keazor has been appointed board chairman

Nze Edward Keazor has been appointed board chairman of Piql Africa Ltd, a leading data preservation and access solutions company.

Esona Onuoha, Executive Director, Piql Africa, revealed this during the week. According to him, “It is with great pride, excitement and satisfaction that we welcome Nze Ed Keazor to the Piql business. He is well known and successful in the legal and history disciplines, not only with established credentials but also with an eminent business career. His addition to Piql West Africa can only mean that we can face the historical archiving and preservation challenges in the region with a renowned and brilliant mind.”

Onuoha added: “Piql West Africa faces an historic opportunity offering its data preservation technology in the coming years within the region, and I believe that it now has both the leadership and management to prosper, as I look forward to working with the board to reach our goals of providing data protection and preservation solutions to government, development agencies and multinationals as the gold standard option for record preservation.

On his part, Rune Bjerkestrand, founder and Managing Director of Piql, said: “We in Piql are extremely happy for this addition to the Piql West Africa team. Having had the pleasure of having Mr. Keazor with us in our headquarters in Norway, and having learnt about his extensive experience and insights in the domain of archival and preservation, he will not only add value for Piql in Nigeria and West Africa, but also globally across the network of Piql partners.

We share ambitions and visions, and together we shall make a true difference in providing the best possible solutions to keep memory and history well preserved for the benefit of future generations – for both institutions as well as businesses across West Africa.”

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