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Safe Covid Vaccine for Dummies.


Q. So Britons are already taking Pfizer/BionTech Covid vaccine. I am afraid.

A. You should be afraid but you should be more afraid of Covid itself. Covid is real and it kills, particularly the elderly and people in chronic inflammatory situations like diabetes and obesity. Vaccine makes sense.

Q. So there is no conspiracy to wipe out humanity and tag us with 666 devil tag?

A. There is no intention to wipe out humanity. This won’t be the first nor the last pandemic humanity will face. God is still in control and he still loves everything he made. He inspired and guided scientists to come up with a vaccine. Be thankful that this day is here. Let the devil deal with those who follow him. The Lord is your shield.

Q.So the Covid vaccine is safe?

A. I didn’t say that. I said that it is far better to deal with the vaccine than to deal with Covid.

Q. So it is not safe.

A. I didn’t say that either. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine, only clinically beneficial vaccine.

Q. So this messenger RNA vaccine, the first of its kind doesn’t concern you?

A. I have many concerns with it but they are too technical for my audience.

Q. Can you just enumerate a few of your so called technical concerns?

A. At the molecular level, I expect the mRNA fragment to have a promoter sequence, sort of like an on switch. But does it have a repressor sequence, sort of like an off switch? How is the body going to control the expression of this mRNA?

Q. Is that all?

A. No. Viral RNA polymerases are poor proof readers making corona virus serologcally labile. Is this vaccination a yearly thing and will the passive immunity last long?

Q. The molecular issues fill volumes. Can you turn to the medicine part of it. Is this vaccine going to make me sick?

A. Yes. Like every other foreign bioagent, the vaccine will trigger inflammatory cascades and you could experience all the classic signs of inflammation such as pain, fever, redness and swelling, hopefully for a brief period of time.

Q. That is normal, isn’t it?

A. There is always tissue damage involved in every inflammatory process. The body does its best to heal after the injury. Over time, these injuries add up. The best way to understand this is to think of inflammation as a battlefield. The problem with all vaccines, not just Covid vaccines is that of collatetal tissue damage at the site of the battlefield. Vaccines are by design low grade illnesses designed to prevent you from getting high grade illnesses and as clinically beneficial as they can be, they can also damage tissues in profound ways.

Q. Wait a minute here. Are you one of those who believe that vaccines can cause autism and other diseases.

A. Yes. If you understand the battlefield analogy, then you should have no problems understanding that tissues suffer collateral damage whenever they fight any foreign bioagent or fragments thereof.

Q. Give me an explanation with autism.

A. It is technical but here in brief. Proinflammatory cytokines can trigger neuro inflammatory states that can damage neurons in the brain leading to autism spectrum issues. Worst still, if an antigen or fragment of it crosses blood brain barrier, then there would be neuro inflammatory battlefields in the brain that could permanently wipe out neurons without possibility of regeneration.

This matter is highly technical but what I want you to take away is that once the vaccine enters your body, there is no telling where your immune system collides with it. Wherever that collision happens will leave scars in the body. For instance, if the battlefield happens in the pancreas, you can get anything from pancreatis to diabetes from damaged beta cells.

Q. You are scarring me with this battlefield analogy. Are we still speaking about Covid vaccine?

A. Yes. The inflammatory battle ground is really a place where the body throws out all the bombs it has to destoy invading agents without destoying itself. Those bombs come in the form of highly destructive oxygen radicals and enzymes. The oxygen radicals are really the biggest culprit here in terms of causing collateral damages.

Q. Sir, are you mad? How am I supposed to take any vaccine after reading all that?

A. You really should consider the risk versus rewards. Covid vaccine, like all vaccines, is not risk free. The reward, however, is great. Knowlede is power. If you understood everything I said about battlefield and oxygen radicals, then be empowered because I am about to teach you what no one has ever taught you about risk mitigation when taking vaccines.

Q. I knew you were up to something. Please tell me. I wish I knew when exposing my kids to so called safe vaccines that could damage their body.

A. While the body is throwing oxygen radical bombs at pathogens, it needs to quench the fire as well by generating antioxidants like glutathione. These antioxidants are necessary to reduce collateral battlefield damages whenever inflammation is triggered by disease causing agents and vaccines.

Q. I think I get it. Antioxidant levels in the blood should be boosted whenever one is taking vaccines in order to minimize collateral damages?

A. Absolutely. Anyone taking vaccines, including kids and elderly people should ramp up their antioxidant levels to help mitigate collateral damage from otherwise safe vaccines.

Q. So you have concerns with giving covid vaccines without concomitant boosting of antioxidants?

A. Yes. With all the damages vaccines can do, not boosting antioxidant levels is very poor understanding of medicine.

Q. What are those anti oxidants?

A. Vit C, vit A, vit E, alpha lipoic acid, carnitine, polyphenols come to mind easily.

Q. Is there something else I should do to mitigate collateral damage from vaccination.

A.Yes. Keep your immune system up. Inflammation can be fierce, modulating it will reduce the chance of cytokine storm. Aspirin is a mild modulator. As is tumeric. To mitigate vaccine damages, I strongly recommend mild antiinflammatories with vaccine administration.

Q. Is there something else?

A. Boost selenium. It helps in glutathione regeneration. Boost zinc. Boost especially vitamin D. As I wrote elsewhere, vit D is a cell membrane stabilizer and plays a key role in antigen recognition. People with Vitamin D deficiency shouldn’t be administered vaccines really.

Q. Sir, you have given me a lot to chew on.

A. You are welcome. Stay safe.


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