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The Tinubu Interregnum, The Constitutional Logjam And The Union Reconfiguration Imperative – NINAS


NINAS EXTRAORDINARY PUBLIC NOTICE (14 June 2023) – Nigeria’s Botched 2023 Presidential Election:
The Tinubu Interregnum, The Constitutional Logjam And The Union Reconfiguration Imperative
NINAS Board of Conveners
14 June 2023

The Pretense of carrying on in Abuja as if the 2023 Presidential Election has come and gone and the
winner has settled into office and his Tasks as President is just Psychological Gimmickry to hoodwink
Nigerians and the International Community into docility and acquiescence even as Frontrunner
Candidates in that Election are locked into a frantic Legal Battle that would last several months at the
Appellate Courts for who won Nigeria’s February 25, 2023 Presidential Election.

NINAS wishes to inform the Public that the 2023 Presidential Election of Nigeria is far from being over
and that  neither the May 29, 2023 Swearing-In Ritual nor the Frenetic Executive Actions of the new
President alters the Status of that Election as Inconclusive.

In particular, NINAS Posits as follows:

(1) Be it known to all that Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Election remains Inconclusive and in Process until
the Supreme Court of Nigeria makes its Final Pronouncement on the outcome of the February 25, 2023
Presidential Election.

(2) Be it known also that If a Runoff or Rerun is ordered, it means that the 2023 Presidential Electoral
Process remains ongoing until the Runoff or Rerun produces an outcome that stands.

(3) In the face of:
(a) the Disputed Legitimacy of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution;
(b) INEC’s Defiance of the Stipulations of that Constitution in Declaring Bola Tinubu President-Elect and
(c) the May 29, 2023 Swearing-In of Tinubu as President despite that 25%-Of-FCT-Votes Constitutional
Deficiency, there has arisen an urgent necessity to define the Legal Status of the Governance
An arrangement that has now emerged over Nigeria.

(4) For the avoidance of doubt, let it be understood that at Law, the entire period between May 29,
2023 and the date of the final resolution of the Inconclusive 2023 Presidential Election as
aforementioned, (including if the February 25, 2023 Exercise is cancelled and a Rerun is Ordered), the
Stop-Gap Presidency Inaugurated on the 29th of May 2023 is at best an Interregnum.
Accordingly, and in furtherance of its Repudiation and Rejection of the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution as
Basis of the Nigerian Union, the NINAS Campaign for the Termination of the doomed 2023 Electoral
Voyage and for the immediate Initiation of a Transitioning Arrangement for Union Reconfiguration shall
continue full-steam throughout the Interregnum, the Default being Self-Propelling Union Dissolution

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(5) Those who did not understand what NINAS meant when in 2022 it said that the “Fate of Nigeria will
be Determined on the Bridge to 2023” (check that title on YouTube) will most likely be ringside
spectators to how it will all happen.
Some might even become statistics from the collateral damages that will accompany the obduracy of
going into 2023 Elections under the 1999 Constitution.

(6) Nigeria is now stuck in a Lockdown Mode in the middle of the 2023 Electoral Bridge and the NINAS
Campaign against the Fraudulent 1999 Constitution is being intensified at the base of that Bridge.
To get an indication of how long the Lockdown on that Bridge will last, it is noteworthy that the
Presidential Election Petition Tribunal  (i.e. Court of Appeal) has earmarked most of June-August 2023.
When the Tribunal reaches its verdict, the dissatisfied Party will in all likelihood head to the Supreme
Court which will take another two months to adjudicate.

(7) With the May 29, 2023 Swearing-In of Candidate Bola Tinubu as President in defiance of  the Clear
Constitutional Stipulation of 25% of FCT Valid Votes, it means that the current Interregnum will last no

less than Five months which could be extended by several months should the February 25, 2023 Exercise
be overruled by the Supreme Courts.

(8) The most viable (and maybe the only Peaceful) mechanism for resolving the Nigerian Union Dispute
flowing from Decades of Grave Constitutional Grievances (now compounded by a fractious, Inconclusive
2023 Presidential Election), is to Initiate an Immediate Transitioning Arrangement to undertake an
Orderly Union Renegotiation and Reconfiguration within the Paradigm of the Self-Determination
Imperative for the Trapped Constituent Components of the Distressed Federation of Nigeria.

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Every other approach will most likely end in the Violent Disintegration of Nigeria with catastrophic consequences.
(Here is the link to the NINAS Broadcast on the aforementioned Transitioning Template –
https://youtu.be/o9PYIQHJYEw ).


Reminiscent of Ahmadu Bello’s Mission Statement and Battle Script of October 1960 in which he
declared to his lieutenants that Nigeria must be an Estate of their Great-Grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio
in perpetuity, the recent Triumphant Boast of Nasir El-Rufai about the successful execution of the Fulani
Conquest Agenda as commanded by that Ahmadu Bello Battle Script of 1960, brings a new urgency to
the situation of the rest of Nigeria, especially the existential threats posed by the Murderous Onslaught
of Fulani Invaders, who, standing on the Unitary Constitution they imposed, are now executing a
Ferocious Ethnic Cleansing Campaign for Land-Grab against the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria.

Is it not now beyond debate that the tragic events of 1966-1970 as well as the Imposition of the Unitary
Constitutional Order on Nigeria by the Military Wing of the Caliphate Hegemony between 1979 and
1999 were dictated by the 1960 Battle Script of Ahmadu Bello?
Here is the said Ahmadu Bello’s Mission Statement and Battle Script of 1960:

“The New Nation called Nigeria should be an Estate of our Great-Grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We
must Ruthlessly prevent a Change of Power. We Use the Minorities of the North as Willing-Tools and
South as a Conquered Territory and Never allow them to Rule over Us and Never Allow them to have
Control over their Future”

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Even whilst cloaking that Fulani Conquest Agenda in Religious Garment, the Summary of El-Rufai’s
Triumphant Boast is that the Conquest of the rest of Nigeria as envisioned by Uthman Dan Fodio and as
Re-Commissioned by Ahmadu Bello in 1960, has been successfully implemented, using the North-West
Alliance of 1967.

NINAS Posits that Nigeria’s Current Unitary Constitution (1999), is the full implementation of that
Ahmadu Bello Script of 1960 when we examine the processes by which we went from the Brigandage of
1966-1970 to the Impositions of 1979 and 1999.

Viewed against the backdrop of the Revelations of Dr Obadiah Mailafia about the Terror currently
Rampaging Nigeria, the Implication of El-Rufai’s Triumphant We-Have-Conquered-You Declaration is
that the Murderous Fulani Conquest Machinery is rolling towards our spaces in the NINAS Alliance

This brings a new Urgency to the NINAS invitation to the rest of Nigeria to join the Task and Campaign of
Taking Down the Caliphate-Imposed, Fraudulent Constitution of Nigeria (1999)   which empower the
Invader-Fulani so comprehensively against the rest of Nigeria. This Task of Terminating the Life of the
1999 Constitution can be completed swiftly in the course of the Logjam that has arisen from the
Inconclusive 2023 Presidential Election of Nigeria. For the Rest of Nigeria, Taking Down the Constitution
that empowers the enemy is the most viable Strategy for Upturning that Fulani Conquest Agenda now
confessed to by El-Rufai. Every other approach leaves the rest of Nigeria as sitting ducks waiting for their
turn at slaughter.

Tony Nnadi
For: NINAS Board of Conveners.
June 12, 2023.

Enquiries to: +234-810-056-9448 (Text Only).

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