Why Nigeria Is A Jungle And Not A Zoo – Charly Boy


Veteran musician and Convener of the good governance advocacy movement, ‘Our Mumu Don Do’, Charles Chukwuemaka Oputa more known as Charly Boy has blamed everyone, including himself for the situation Nigeria is in at the moment.

In a one-on-one Media chat with Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke, of Njenje Media TV, the outspoken artist and activist explained, that the docility of Nigerians and the mindset of ‘My thief is better than yours’ contributed to the sorry state of the nation.

In his words;

“And I dare say, I dare challenge everybody, including you, my brother, we are all guilty, including myself oh, I am not exonerated, we all of us are guilty, how come? We are guilty of our docility; we are guilty of our inaction over decades because we have always said my thief is better than your thief, we have not agreed that a thief is a thief. So when our friends, our relations are in a position of power, that time we will flex muscles but when its somebody else’s relative or friends, then we start to throw stones but we, you, me, we have not yet agreed that a thief is a thief, this is how, “naso we dey do oh, we come to allow jagudas motor park people, people wey no even go school to allow them in a position of leadership. So when criminals have invaded the place, what do you think would happen? It’s what is happening now, they will do anyhow.”

According to the Son of the renowned late jurist, Justice Chukwudifu Oputa, the salvation of the country is in the hands of the youths.

“I still believe that the salvation of that country, that contraption we called Nigeria lies in the hand of its exceptional people, who are these exceptional people?

“They are just the youths for Christ’s sake. Or else explain to me why a Nigerian youth will leave the shores of Nigeria and start to bubble, start to blossom, there are a lot of people in London, well not a lot but more than a few Nigerians in London who are holding their own, who are in the system, not to talk about Canada, not to talk about America, that are doing well, that has been Nigeria’s pride abroad, there are lots of them. So why is it that when an individual leaves the country, they start to shine, what is it in that country that kills the dream of young people? Bad leadership.” He said.

Charly Boy, also known as AreaFada, further inferred that he disagreed with IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s coinage of the word ‘Zoo’ for Nigeria, according to him, animals are grouped in Zoos and there is law and order, which cannot be obtainable in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is a jungle, Nnamdi Kanu said Nigeria is a zoo but I don’t agree with that because, in a zoo, you separate animals, you can’t put a tiger and a goat in the same cage, so Nigeria is a jungle”,

“So Nigeria is a jungle and in the jungle, the strongest survive, that is how it is. In the jungle, there are no regulations, no laws, no protection“, he added.


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