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Kodak Black Throws Rocks at Journalist, Threatens Assault

Kodak Black Throws Rocks at Journalist, Threatens Assault — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News


Controversial rapper Kodak Black was seen hiding behind an air conditioning unit, and throwing rocks at a photojournalist before telling the reporter that he would punch him.

Having spent some time behind bars for violating probation, Kodak’s freedom was short-lived as he immediately found himself in a heated altercation with the press.
The scene unfolded outside the jail, where a local news crew eagerly awaited Kodak’s emergence. As the rapper stepped out, tensions escalated.
According to the video going viral online, Kodak threatened to punch a news reporter. He picked up a rock and hurled it at a photographer, narrowly missing him.

“Call the cops! Call the cops!” Kodak shouted at the news crew members after throwing a rock.
He then told the news crew that he has been “hibernating” and “chilling”. He said his son was “about to be born in less than 48 hours” and that he “ain’t worried about ch’all”
“I wanted to get your side and say ‘hello’ to you, and you threatened to punch me,” the journalist said, to which the rapper said, “I did,” while scrolling nonchalantly on his phone.
Kodak Black’s legal battles have been well-documented. Two weeks ago, a judge dismissed a drug possession charge against Kodak who was found unconscious by the police in a black Bentley SUV obstructing a roadway.

He was reported to have been asleep at the wheel with a distinct smell of cannabis coming from the vehicle.
However, the charges were dropped when a lab test revealed it was oxycodone, a prescription he received in July 2022.
Just three years back, the rapper received a pardon from former President Donald Trump. This followed his 2020 imprisonment for falsifying documents to purchase firearms, where he served approximately half of his three-year sentence.

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