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NINAS Extraordinary Alerts Series No. 7: Directions ForAction – Parts 3 and 4 of 5


NINAS Secretariat

17 July 2022

In these Parts 3 and 4 of Series No. 7, NINAS, in an Epistle to the young generation of Nigerians beams its searchlights on the recurring historical 30-year Cycles of Catastrophes in which Nigeria heedlessly rushes to general elections amidst fractured and disputed constitutional arrangements. With much cost in blood, it happened in 1963; happened again in 1993, and is now about to happen yet again in 2023.

The older generation knows the truth, the deep problems of Nigeria flow from the UNWORKABLE System of Nigeria (Unitary Constitution) which is responsible for the failures of governance, gross insecurity, inept leadership, corruption, impunity, decayed infrastructure, mass poverty, and general hopelessness in the land, resulting in the Failed State Nigeria is descending into. The younger generation does not know and so thinks that once they find one competent good man who can be President, all will be well with Nigeria. The older generation particularly the political merchants, who know the truth, are taking advantage of the unfortunate ignorance of the younger generation (largely imposed), and luring that younger generation into another round of General Elections under a Constitution that guarantees the very evils the younger generation seeks to escape from.

Part 4 dwells on the Specific Actions that are now necessary to seize the initiative on the Narrative that will drive events when the Doomed Voyage to 2023 Elections gets into a spin according to Plans A and B of the Caliphate (i.e., Conquest and Martial Powers drawn from contrived insecurity).

DIRECTION ON ACTION: Finally, if you agree with the NINAS Propositions, particularly regarding the need to RESOLVE the Constitutional Dispute before further Elections, please speak up loudly and act on it so that the critical mass behind the NINAS Propositions could begin to translate into Concrete Actions. 

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NINAS requests that we pay attention, and spread these Battlefield Instructions Broadcasts as widely as we possibly can, as we race against time in countering the Conquest Designs of the enemy.

Part 3 of 5 – Where Are The Elders In The Land?: An Epistle To The Youth

Part 4 of 5 – We Reject 2023 Elections Because We Reject The1999 Constitution

NOTE: Part 5 of 5 that will shut down the Caliphate’s so-called “Water Resources Bill” (RUGA-in-Disguise), will be released Sunday, July 17, 2022.

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