NINAS Plan or Martial Law that will continue the Fulani jihad?

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It’s no longer a mystery. The Caliphate is mobilising a Jihad for land grab, and it’s no secret that they need the forgery-1999 Constitution to do it. The matter of their success lies COMPLETELY in our hands.

Do we play the fool and carry on to Elections 2023 which we know will be rigged, and where the PVC and the elections itself are under control of that same Fulani Caliphate that wants us dead? In so doing, apart from renewing the life of their instrument, that forgery-1999 Constitution, we also give them more time to kill and destroy, plus we give them time and opportunity to bring in Martial Powers, by using the “insecurity” (Fulani Jihad) they created as an excuse to bring in Martial Law to silence us completely, and use those strong powers to continue their Jihad for land grab.

[See: “EXCLUSIVE: In secret memo, AGF Malami asks Buhari to suspend Nigerian Constitution, declare martial law”


Sec 135 of that forgery-1999 Constitution also gives this Fulani-led government powers to postpone those Elections 2023 altogether and Buhari can stay on longer, giving them time to strengthen their Jihad.

This journey to Elections 2023 is a decoy and distraction, to buy more time for the Jihad.

We can checkmate the Caliphate and conquer them. It is by going with the NINAS Plan. That means we insist on, and see to it that our political parties and politicians STOP Elections 2023 because we have REPUDIATED the forgery-1999 Constitution, and instead go to Transitional Government (Transitioning).

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Let me repeat (for the hard of hearing), the REASON we STOP Elections 2023 is because we have REPUDIATED the forgery-1999 Constitution.

Let me repeat (for the slow thinkers), the REASON we STOP Elections 2023 is because we have REPUDIATED the forgery-1999 Constitution.

We’ve been warned!

PS: We are facing the very serious situation of Jihad against us. So, this is not a time to look for relevance or popularity by PLAGIARISING from the NINAS Plan. If you are in a position with a (large) following – good for you! Then you owe it to tell your followers that their escape route and SAFE LANDING is the NINAS Plan. It is the NINAS Plan that is potent to PUSH BACK the Fulani Caliphate Agenda of Conquest. The NINAS Plan is not about any man, it is about the PLAN. The Plan. The Plan. The Plan…


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