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When Will We Choose To End The Madness, And Genocidal Violence In Nigeria? — Ndidi Uwechue


When Will We Choose To End The Madness, And Genocidal Violence In Nigeria?

Ndidi Uwechue

A New Peace is possible. Here’s how.

Given the diversity found among the Ethnic Nations of Nigeria, it was known decades ago that for such a country to exist, it must be as a Federation. However, because of insincerity and hostility things came to a violent head, so in January 1967 thenegotiations at Aburi now concluded that for Nigeria to remain one unit, it must be as nothing less than a Confederation. Fast forward to today where the imposed 1999 Constitution creates the worst arrangement of all for Nigerians, ie a unitary system that empowers the openly declared Fulani conquest of Nigeria and Nigerians, with attendant genocidal violence reported on a near-daily basis.


Number 1

Common sense therefore demands that the well-known Fraud and Forgery called 1999 Constitution be Rejected, and Taken Down, then the process of getting proper constitutional arrangements be initiated. As South Africa did to get rid of its Apartheid constitutional order by going to TRANSITIONING, that is also the way for Nigeria. There would be no vacuum, and no anarchy and Nigeria would go to Transitioning to Renegotiate the failed and deadly Union. That involves the use of joint Multi-Regional Referendums for Ethnic Nations to decide the kind of future they want for themselves.


Number 2

Nigerians themselves should insist on this Transitioning. And the Supreme Court should also do so – and make an Order taking Nigeria to Transitioning.

NINAS (the voice of the Peoples under the umbrella of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities for Self-Determination) has asamicus curiae urged the Supreme Court to use its unique powers of POLICY JURISDICTION to have an Honest look at the Truth about the Nigeria Union created by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution; to look at the miseries flowing from that 1999 Constitution; to also look at the genocidal violence going on for Fulani land grab enabled by that Fraud of 1999 (ie Constitution); and to look at the agitations some becoming violent in response to the multidirectional Fulani conquest agenda; PLUS to examine the Constitutional Force Majeure declared 16December 2020 in response to lingering constitutional grievances, and which from that day, made Nigeria a Disputed Project.

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The Legal Experts (and Statesmen) in NINAS are well-positioned to act as amicus curiae, so the Justices of the Supreme Court will be making History and would be showing whether they stand for Justice and for the Peoples, or whether as is so often the case among the ruling elite in Nigeria, they do not.


Number 3

Concerned local and foreign experts and observers have described the horrific slaughter of Nigerians as a “genocide” that has loaded. As such, Nigerians should have a hatred for the Instrument that enables this genocidal violence ie that fraudulent and illegitimate 1999 Constitution, as well as have Zero Tolerance for those who ENFORCE that 1999 Constitution iethe Willing Tools as described by Ahmadu Bello in his infamous Declaration reported on 12 October 1960.

These Willing Tools, being Enforcers of the 1999 Constitution are accountable for ALL the horrendous effects of that 1999 Forgery (Constitution), and are responsible for their choices and actions regarding it, so will have to explain themselves to their victims (ie Nigerians, and also Africans), and to the watching international community. Being a facilitator of genocidal violence and carrying out treachery against one’s people are most serious offences.

The chief Willing Tools are easy to identify. They Enforce the 1999 Constitution by swearing an Oath of Office to uphold and defend it, or are hoping to win elections so as to do so. Plus, they are the Proprietors and Promoters of every political party in Nigeria.

These three points turned into Action, would put Nigerians on the road to starting a New Peace.

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Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


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