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Why Bayelsans Should Vote For The First Female Elected Governor — Albertine Doibo, Bayelsa State Labour Party Gubernatorial Aspirant



A Labour Party governorship aspirant in Bayelsa State, Mrs. Albertine Doibio has given reasons why she should be voted for as the next Chief executive ofnthe oil-rich State.

Doibo in an interview with Maazi Ezeoke of Njenje Media TV enumerated what stands her out from other gunning for the position of governor in the coming polls in Bayelsa State.

The businesswoman and former senatorial aspirant said she is bringing competence and capacity to the fore.

“Before anything, I am a human being, and I’m as capable competent as any other person. I have the qualifications and I am good at what I do, it just happens that I am a woman. I am bringing capacity, I’m bringing competence. I’ve been tried within my industry and I can bring all of that to bear, so I am running as a competent person, a competent human that can do as much as any person has done or is doing if not more”, she said.

While reiterating her qualification credential, she called on her party faithful and the generality of Bayelsans to support her quest to be the State Governor.

“I’m bringing myself to the table, I’m bringing competence to the table, I’m bringing experience to the table I’m bringing open-mindedness to the table, I’m bringing togetherness you know, something new, change to the table. Where I’m coming from a and that’s why people should try to look at a female we are not I’m not one of them that were hand-picked, I’m not somebody that are not acting as a surrogate, I’m not acting as a placeholder, I’m not acting um in terms of going there to step down after the primaries for anybody right, nobody is sponsoring me, I’m coming as myself.”

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While noting that she has the capacity, the courage, and strength to run through the process, she added: “I have the knowledge, and I also have resources when I mean resources I also have people to support me, I mean to bring this process to fruition. So people should try something new, something dynamic, something different, a female governor.”

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