A Response To c’s Assertion That The Unitary 1999 Constitution Of Nigeria Is Not

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For those who constantly assure us that once Peter Obi becomes President, he will immediately address the question of the horrible Unitary Constitution of Nigeria that has brought Nigeria to ruins, listen now to the same Peter Obi who, only a few months before the Party Primaries for 2023, had then posited quite poignantly, that the engine of the Nigerian vehicle is knocked, and that the search at this time, should be for a new engine or vehicle and not for a new driver. For the avoidance of doubt, the Unitary Constitution of Nigeria (1999) is the “knocked engine” and the President of Nigeria is the “driver”.

That candidate Peter Obi is now saying that the Constitution of Nigeria is not the problem of Nigeria, and that leadership is the problem, should set off alarm bells to all, that Peter Obi stands with the Caliphate forces that imposed that Unitary constitutional order on Nigeria, and which now seeks to preserve that 1999 Constitution by railroading the rest of Nigeria to Elections in 2023 under it. This might explain Peter Obi’s endorsement by Ibrahim Babangida, Olusegun Obasanjo, Aliyu Gusau, Ango Abdulahi, and Hakeem Baba-Ahmed.

Standing on the massive powers conferred by the illicit 1999 Constitution and taking advantage of debilitating shackles imposed on others by that Constitution, the Fulani is dragging the SHACKLED rest of Nigeria forcefully to their Conquest Destination.

Now candidate Peter Obi declares that he will as President, “DRAG” the Constituent Components of Nigeria to his own destination, of Economic Eldorado, with the Constitutional shackles of 1999 intact, instead of UNSHACKLING the peoples of South and Middle Belt to join the rest of the 21st Century world in the march to progress and societal advancement.

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The enlightened young people leading the PVC Revolution and the resultant Obi-Dient Movement but whose future has been totally mortgaged, whose present is ruined by the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, are by this comment, invited to seriously interrogate HOW the Economic Solutions being offered by candidate Peter Obi address the deep constitutional foundations of the dangerous economic quagmire Nigeria is caught in, especially in the face of the existential threats confronting the rest of Nigeria by the murderous Invasion and Conquest Agenda of the Fulani.



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