I Know What Abaribe Goes Through In Speaking Truth To Power — Peter Obi

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Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has bared his mind on how hard it is to be courageous and to rise and speak against injustice and falsehood, Njenje Media News reports. The Peoples Democratic Party Vice-Presidential candidate was a guest on Monday in Abuja at the launch of ‘Made in Aba’, a book authored by Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, senate minority leader.

The two-term Anambra Governor said he fails a lot of scrutiny when he speaks in public or grants interviews.
At the book launch, he eulogized the doggedness of Senator Abaribe in the fight against oppression and injustice.

In his words;

“He (Abaribe) revised what we should be in public office; always having the courage to speak against injustice, falsehood, and most importantly, speaking truth to all which is very difficult in our dear country, where being so could be seen as an offence — a great offence. I know that myself,” Obi said.

“I know what I go through when you speak in public or do any sort of interview. You will see people asking you, ‘where did you get this figure?’ ‘How did you come about this?’ It even happened to me just this morning, where the NBS said if you have N137,430, you live above poverty.

“I said we cannot have our standard different from the global standard. Global standard says what you need everyday is $1.90. If you translate it to the real market, it is almost N10,000 a day.

“But our own is three hundred and something naira a day. I said it won’t work; our standard will not be different. So, I know what Enyinnaya Abaribe goes through and we need to encourage him.

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“I look forward to reading this book and learning some tricks of how to manage persecution whenever you speak truth to power.”


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