Rudeboy Reveals What He Does Differently Since He Left Psquare

What I do differently since I left Psquare, by Rudeboy

One of the members of the defunct Psquare, Paul Okoye, more known as Rudeboy has disclosed what he has been doing differently since he broke out from his former music group Psquare.

The singer, in an interview on his Instagram live, said: “Let me be honest with you, the only thing I think I am doing differently is what I’m doing on stage which I think is the view and how people see me now but musically I’m still the same.

“I’m still the same because I do not need to change for anyone. When the album came out, even before the album came out I understand them, they keep saying why don’t you change your style? Why don’t you do this? You are still using the same old…Hello, do I need to change my voice to that of Daddy Showkey?

“It is still my voice, I can’t change it and I knew before the album came out that there would be a moment such as this, so I pleaded to my fans that look you guys my album is coming out, focus on the album, do not insult anybody. Do not even praise me, just enjoy good music,” he said.


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