Sho Jay: For Love Of Tech, Music

Determination, finance key to greatness, says ShoJay
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From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

Tseghomi Oteri has stated that finance and determination are key to achieving greatness in life.

Oteri who is popularly known as ShoJay in most quarters because of his musical career is a multi-dimensional individual evidenced by his different facets. ShoJay has exhibited his flexibility by wearing two hats; musician/recording Artist and Business consultant and a Tech Founder, which he has handled professionally, Njenje Media News reports.

Whilst holding down a regular 9-5 job as an IT Infrastructure Delivery Consultant, he has continued to record music that has keep listeners stunned at his unique voice and style, also leveraging on his knowledge in the IT to set up thriving private Tech businesses.

ShoJay’s early introduction into entertainment goes as far back as the 2000s where he made a name for himself through his regular performances at numerous reality music shows. A skilled pianist and vocalist, he emerged as a finalist in the second season of Glo Naija sings, alongside counterpart Niniola. With a positive mindset and resilience, ShoJay has grown to the man he has become today, taking the lessons from his experiences and channeling his energy into achieving his goals and aspirations. It is also worthy of note that ShoJay was part of the defunct KD World Records, a record label that was instrumental in putting KD on the music map in Nigeria. It had other prolific artists like such as Pherowshuz, Naydo, OD Overdose.

The Computer Engineering graduate from University of Maiduguri was a major feature in the music scene in his university days where he was popularly called “ The Showstopper”, because his performances were the climax of every event he attended and he drew so much chants and cheers from his fans, especially the females.

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Never shying away from effects of his enterprising nature, which rewards him with significant levels of attraction from his female fans, as it relates his music and his business and lifestyle. Safe to say ShoJay leaves a crime scene everywhere he goes, leaving onlookers privileged to see this dapper man dripping at every red carpet or event he attends.

How ShoJay has been able to manage his celebrated profile is a mystery in itself, as he has stayed far from controversies and scandals despite having a huge fanbase, predominantly female which he has grown for over two decades since his university days till present.

Unlike most public figures who are not in touch with reality, ShoJay is always open to constructive criticism and humility, traits he says has gotten him far in life and business.

“I relate with every individual in the social strata the same. I have hosted big event like the Transcorp Plc’s AGM, wined and dined with High Net Worth Individuals, such as one of my mentors; Tony Elumelu. But then, you can catch me buying roasted corn from a lady on the street, or in Wuse market buying tomatoes. I interact with everyone pretty much, because there’s something to learn from everyone” he said.

“I believe that finance is key to achieving your dreams, that’s why I can’t take my foot off the hustle gas.”

He also agrees that in terms of fulfillment and success, happiness and contentment beat just having stable finances.
ShoJay’s dynamism shows even in his cultural alignments; originally from Warri, Delta State, he grew up in Kaduna, adapting to the Northern culture and even equally fluent in Hausa language, as evidenced in his 2016 dance song “Tatashé”.

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ShoJay has always had the penchant to mix things up, little wonder he transcended his experiences on stage as a performer into hosting high-profile events and positioning himself as a business brand to reckon with. ShoJay’s evolution can be attributed to his continuous quest to re-invent himself. He is truly a man with several hats and he wears them all well.

He certainly deserves his flowers, being one of the early architects of new Nigerian RnB/Pop culture since the early 2000’s. The man known and admired for conquering hearts is also heading one of the promising tech companies in Nigeria called GeekHub Enterprise Technologies, in his quest to conquer the tech space.

The post appeared first on The Sun Nigeria.